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Published:January 16th, 2012 10:56 EST
Don't You Dare Tell Me What To Do

Don't You Dare Tell Me What To Do

By SOP newswire2

I`ve been my own boss for 8 years. I LOVE my life. People often ask me, "How do you do what you love AND pay the bills?"

First off: I`m a TERRIBLE employee. Some people consider it a strength. Some consider it a weakness. Either way, I am really bad at taking orders. It`s genetic...I blame it on my entrepreneurial father, Bill Kizorek. My whole life I`ve wanted to make the rules. Which is exactly why I HAD to be my own boss.

How do I know this? I probably would have jumped through the window of the 20th story office building I worked in after college if I had I been forced to stay longer than 365 days.

Most entrepreneurs I know are rule breakers. They are rebellious and fiercely independent. Are you?

  •   Do you resent when people tell you what to do?

  •   Are you willing to take big risks and trust yourself?

  •   Are you disciplined enough to be your own boss when no one`s looking over your shoulder?

  •   How will you create both consistent cash flow and self-fulfillment?

  • If I had it my way, I would spend my entire day working on MY personal projects - Badass Business Women, Make Them BEG, and my new secret blog I obsess over day and night. Though each one is designed for profit, not all of them generate significant cash flow YET.

    So how do you do what you love AND pay the bills?

    In order to bank roll my independent projects, I`ve had to build a business that generates good money. I`ve had to hustle for clients. I`ve had to develop the capacity to do valuable work in exchange for money. I`ve forced myself to learn how to attract clients and sell them on my storytelling skills.

    It`s a fine line. At heart I`m an artist. I`m a free spirit. I want to do my "art" of speaking, teaching, inspiring, writing. I want to create brands. I want to connect with people. I want to travel the globe. I want to tell stories that need to be told.

    But the real money comes from the CEOs who hire me to evaluate THEIR brand. To innovate for THEM. To design the future of THEIR company. They pay me for access to my brain, and the dozens of brilliant vendors I bring to the table.

    Am I selling out? Not really. I`m doing what I love...For other people.

    And I`ve created a pretty cool life. I don`t check email on my phone. My clients don`t call me. I call them. They love me. I love them. what you love, but make good money doing it. Keep working yourself closer and closer to the ideal. I know you want it to happen overnight. But once you earn it, you`ll revel in it.

    Ultimately no one will tell me what to do. Not even my mother. (Sorry mom)

    Don`t you want that same thing?

    By Jessica Kizorek

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