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Published:January 16th, 2012 17:27 EST
Woman in Brazil Arrested for Killing Hundreds of Dogs and Cats

Woman in Brazil Arrested for Killing Hundreds of Dogs and Cats

By Ernest Dempsey

Police in Brazil arrested a woman on Friday, January 13, for killing cats and dogs that were given into her care as she ran a sham non-profit animal shelter. The news of her arrest tells that the woman, Lina Dalva da Silva, had been under suspicion for taking in an unusually large number of animals, mostly dogs and cats in her small residence that she occupied in Sao Paulo.

On Friday, a private detective monitoring her activity found that she left some plastic bags outside on the road, looking like garbage disposal. The police were called and they raided the area, finding dead bodies of 40 dogs and 6 cats in the bags that were made to look like garbage.    

Dalva was arrested by the police, though she had warned them not to try entering her house without a warrant. Inside her house, the police found 13 animals, dogs and cats, including a small puppy "animals meant to be killed next.

It is estimated that she has killed at least several hundred animals over the past two years; on estimate actually placing the number of her victims at 30,000 dogs and cats. Regarding the reason for killing the animals, some suspect her of selling them to people for use in black magic. However, an official source quoted in the news thinks she has been selling the blood of these animals in Brazil`s black market.

Dalva`s arrest has been regarded as a minor development in preventing cruelty to animals, though people concerned with animal safety and animal rights in the country believe that the legal system needs some major reforms to award more daunting sentences to offenders found guilty of cruelty to animals.