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Published:January 16th, 2012 11:03 EST
You Must Eat McDonald's to Lose Weight?

You Must Eat McDonald's to Lose Weight?

By SOP newswire2


You must eat McDonald`s to lose weight. And ice cream. And pizza.

In fact, if you want to lose weight and keep it off this time, you must eat all the foods that you love. And you have to eat them exactly the way you love them - we mean your mom`s rich, luscious lasagna not a tasteless dietic version of lasagna.

We know what you`re thinking - the only way you can lose weight is to go on a diet, give up a lot of the foods you love, and suffer through meals of low carb this or low fat that and low calorie everything else. But...

We`ve worked with and studied people for over thirty years and we never saw anyone lose weight and keep it off by giving up their favorite foods and making themselves suffer.

Deprivation never works in the long run. And it`s never worked for you in the past.

Have you ever gone on a diet that made you cut out foods you love like, pasta, desserts, or steak? And then did you walk around feeling hungry and deprived?

Have you ever been on one of those blockbuster diets, lost a lot of weight at first, but then gained all the weight back when you started eating normally again or eating the foods you love and had to cut out?

Most of us can answer "yes" to at least one of those questions. And yet, like many Americans at this time of year, you`re ready to do it all again and jump into your next diet.

Stop. You`re going down the wrong road. All of America is being led down that same wrong road. Just consider this:

With all the great diets out there to choose from; with all the great data from scientists and great advice from nutritionists and other experts about what to eat, what not to eat...with the billions and billions of dollars we`re spending on diet books and diet foods...

America is getting fatter.

And that`s because all these diets and experts are focusing on the wrong thing. They are focusing on what you eat.

They make you change what you normally eat by restricting entire categories of food, like carbs or fat, or dairy or sugar. This means that inevitably they cut out foods that you love and leave you feeling deprived.

So when you eventually break down and eat something that you "shouldn`t," you start feeling guilty.

Deprivation and guilt are very stressful. And if you`re stressed - you eat! Or you quit your diet. Or both. And you gain back whatever weight you lost when you go back to eating the way you used to.

How can all the experts be wrong? Well, they`re not entirely wrong. A lot of these diets are based on sound scientific research about carbs and fat and metabolic rates and glycemic indexes. But these theories only work in a lab. They don`t work in your daily life. You`re not a lab animal.

Do you really think you can go the rest of your life without eating pizza or a plate of pasta or a juicy steak or a slice of cake? Do you really think that from now on you`re only going to eat whole grains, fruits and vegetables and lean protein?

And if you`re on a diet, what happens when you go to a Thanksgiving dinner, or a business dinner or a Super Bowl party?

The only way to lose weight and keep it off is to eat what you want, but eat smaller amounts.

Don`t change what you eat, just change how much you eat. Don`t cut out, cut down.

If you`re overweight by 5 pounds or by more than 80 pounds, then you`re eating too much food. If you want to lose weight, then eat less food.

It`s that simple. And it is the eating strategy that people call "portion control."

Several studies from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conclude that the main cause of obesity in America is that we are eating too much food. In other words, the problem isn`t that we are eating carbs or fat or sugar, the problem is that we are eating too much carbs and fat and sugar.
And the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans put out by the USDA Center for Nutrition Policy points out that nutritionists, scientists, doctors and other medical experts believe that we are eating and drinking too much because we are eating and drinking super size portions in restaurants and stores and now in our homes.

So if you are a typical overweight American, cut down your portion sizes. You don`t need as much food to satisfy your hunger as you think you do.

If you want to have pizza for dinner have pizza. But instead of having 3 or 4 slices, have 2 slices. Don`t have a double cheeseburger...have a cheeseburger. Don`t have large fries...have small fries. Don`t drink a supersize coke. Drink a small coke. Don`t cut out cookies...just eat less of them.

You don`t have to make dramatic changes. And you don`t have to eat like a French woman or a caveman or the Dali Lama or even like your favorite celebrity.

You can eat what you love exactly the way you love it, and you will be able to reach and stay at your proper weight for the rest of your life. All you have to do is eat the right portion sizes of food.

We know what you`re thinking - if portion control is so easy, why isn`t everyone doing it? The short answer is - because the experts are giving you the wrong portion sizes!

So we`ll teach you the perfect portions of all your food in our next blog.

Steven Kates has a degree in biology from UCLA and has been in the fitness and nutrition industry for over 30 years. Myles Berkowitz was one of his clients who lost 46 pounds and has kept it off for over 4 years. Together they created the lifesizeportions tools and program which is their unique take on portion control.

By Steven Kates and Myles Berkowitz

Judyth Piazza interviews Myles Berkowitz, Co-Founder of Lifesize


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