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Published:January 18th, 2012 13:21 EST

Bomb-Sniffing Pooch Who Used To Work At White House Goes Bonkers

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A retired bomb-sniffing dog that worked at the White House was captured Tuesday after escaping from handlers and biting two officers at a Detroit Airport.

Arco, a 5-year-old Belgian shepherd, had arrived on a flight Monday from Arizona to be united with new owners, but got loose when the owner let him out to relieve himself, the Detroit Free Press reported."


Arco bit two police officers when they attempted to grab him by the collar, it must be pointed out that he wasn`t familiar with the officers and he interpreted the officers` attempt to grab him as a hostile move.

Arco was retired after he killed a cat that made the fatal mistake of coming into the backyard where he worked as a bomb-sniffing dog.

Maybe Arco is in a perpetually bad mood, because Bo the First Dog gets all the love and attention. For the sake of the First Family I`m glad Arco has been retired, and will live a long ways from the White House.

I hope Arco`s new owner will give him a wide berth, and never mentions Bo in his presence.

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Editor`s Note: I received a letter from M. Stephens stating:

"Please correct your article.  Arco killed my cat as she lay sleeping in a chair on my front porch-  she was not in Arcos backyard and she was not even moving.  Also, Arco failed the training program at the Capitol and then was adopted by my neighbors 3.5 years ago."

Of course, I don`t know if Stephens is telling the truth, and Arco isn`t talking. But one thing is certain, Stephens` cat is dead, and she has my sympathy. Not too long ago one of my cats died; I feel her pain.