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Published:January 18th, 2012 07:59 EST
Motive Is Undetermined for Black Widow Murderess Michele Williams!

Motive Is Undetermined for Black Widow Murderess Michele Williams!

By John G. Kays

Keller, Texas is north of Fort Worth and northwest of Dallas. After Greg Williams was shot, Michele Williams moved to Flower Mound, which is just up the road north of Keller.  Michele was arrested for Greg`s murder on Monday, which was MLK day. The incident (resulting in her arrest) occurred on October 13, 2011, but is just now capturing the attention of the media (and by proxy the people).

Nancy Grace featured the Black Widow story last night and I wisely thought to hit the DVR record button, thinking I`d pursue additional research on just what might have happened. (The greatest perk is) Michele`s 911 call that night (October 13th), that seems to be going viral on the internet, as she frantically explains a ninja intruder (naturally, dressed in black) broke in and shot her successful husband in the head. One Dallas/Fort Worth reporter even called it an Academy Award performance.

I have to agree, it wasn`t too bad, with a nervous quirk in her mousy throat that appeared genuine in terms of fear from the arbitrary home invasion of their luxurious Windsor mansion, which from news footage, looks like the kind of pad most of us could get use to in no time flat. You can always count on your neighbors (right!), who had some surveillance footage of the stately manor, that verified things were quiet as a mouse that October evening.

How did this go down? Why did Michele Williams do it? Was she hurting for money? It doesn`t look like it from what we see of this exclusive Keller suburb and this $4.5 million Windsor palace, with a private lake, a pond, and swimming pool. This must`ve been quite a humdinger of a home business the couple had! Then again, maybe they were over their heads in debt? Certainly, we`ll hear more about the Williams` financial situation as we attempt to wrap our minds around a possible motive of Michele`s.

I heard mention of a $650,000 life insurance policy of Greg Williams, so this may be a clue as to her motive. Yet the crime scene itself makes it seem more like many of the details weren`t quite ironed out too good, by the time Michele calls 911. Why leave a 45-caliber handgun (the murder weapon), a shell casing, and a wrench by the back door? The ninja intruder wouldn`t leave his gun behind when fleeing. Oh yea, Greg committed suicide, and she rearranged things to save Greg any future humiliation.

The Fort Worth Star Telegram has fleshed-out the crime scene story a little more for us (Woman accused of killing husband may have sedated him, by Domingo Ramirez Jr), as a result of seeing a search warrant affidavit obtained from the Keller Police. The TV set was blaring loudly when the police arrived at the mansion last fall. So it looks as if Michele must have turned the volume up to muffle the shot, since her daughter was asleep in one of the other four bedrooms.

The part about the drugging of Greg wasn`t completely explained yet. One would think there must have been traces of drugs left in Greg`s system obtained from autopsy reports, or perhaps the cops also found a pill bottle or two that could be linked to a toxicology report from the coroner.

I`m having to fill in the cracks on this  `sedating apparatus,` but one has to assume the Keller police have something solid to think the commission of a horrible, premeditated homicide (the killing of your own spouse) went down in just the way it did. What had raised Michele`s ire so high that October evening that she would go through with such a half-baked scheme? Crime of passion or cold-blooded, premeditated murder? I lean towards the former.