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Published:January 20th, 2012 13:36 EST

Moron Fires Gun At Busy Bubbles Laundromat's Change Machine

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Authorities in Florida said they are searching for a man who was videotaped firing a handgun at a Laundromat`s change machine."


If you look up the word "moron" in the dictionary, you will see this joker`s mugshot.

This oxygen thief fired several rounds at the machine, before he gave up with nothing to show for his labors.

This clown is lucky that a bullet didn`t ricochet off the machine and hit him.

Ever hear of a crowbar?

The Busy Bubbles laundromat will never be the same again, anyone who witnessed this idiotic crime will be traumatized for life.

The fact that his imbecile used a gun in the commission of a crime will add many years to his sentence when he is eventually caught.

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