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Published:January 21st, 2012 11:56 EST
H.R. 2121: The Only Bill Ever Presented and Passed Through Congress By Ron Paul

H.R. 2121: The Only Bill Ever Presented and Passed Through Congress By Ron Paul

By Harvey Carroll, Jr.

Ron Paul has had more than his 15 minutes of fame. He should return to Texas, perhaps to Galveston and buy the home related to "THE ONLY BILL HE EVER PRESENTED AND PASSED THROUGH CONGRESS. H.R. 2121," in fall 2009, unfolded without drama. It allowed for the sale of a custom house in Galveston, Tex. Of the 620 measures that Paul has sponsored, just four have made it to a vote on the House floor, with H.R. 2121, being the only signed into law. In previous interviews Congressman Paul said the following silly comments that were far from being American Presidential material, much less the leader of the free world;

Ron Paul believes that Iraq would have been allowed to take over Kuwait. Ron Paul believes that would have done nothing if Saddam Hussein threatened to capture three-quarters of the world`s reserves by taking over the Saudi oil fields as he did in Kuwait threatening the Global economy. Ron Paul believes that the attack on Kuwait and/or Saudi Arabia violated the UN charter and had terrible repercussions for our energy security but Paul would not have responded because "it did not involve an attack on America." He goes even further and believes that America should not have participated in WWII to contain Hitler`s death and destruction march throughout Europe.

Ron Paul believes that all assistance to Israel should end and just allow the Jews in Israel to be slaughtered again as they were by Germany in WWII. Ron Paul thinks like the little Texas creature the Armadillo, and would just curl America up into a little shell, halt America`s Global trade and commerce economy, and believes that America should pull out of NATO , the WTO, and our UN Security Council and abandon our ability to have a say and/or veto in Global Affairs. No U.S. soldiers were killed in the former Yugoslavia but he believes it was wrong for President Clinton to join the NATO mission. The mission was commanded by Supreme Allied Commander "American" General Joulwan.

The NATO mission stopped genocide, ethnic cleansing and rape camps and the spread of War within Europe. The Milosevic dictatorship would have continued and Bosnia would have been taken over if it was up to Ron Paul. Ron Paul believes that many dangerous drugs should be legal. Ron Paul promises to "take out the CIA." If this stuff is not silly enough, Ron Paul makes comments that the building of a fence along the Mexican border to stop illegal`s as a way to trap US citizens so they can`t get out.

So, I ask you do you think that Ron Paul is-not stable enough to be President? I think not, and I say that I as a private citizen, have presented and influenced more constructive policy making success than Ron Paul and his decades in Washington. My thoughts, and real political actions that counter Ron Paul`s silly campaign rhetoric and attempts to misguide America`s national and international policy.

First and foremost, I have written many, many economic papers and tried to carry on the torch that Ross Perot began with the "Reform Party". I favored "Fair Trade Deals" that reduces America`s import trade deficit; however, I realize that America need to do trade and commerce around the Globe. I have written many papers anticipating the economic crises due to the Bush Administration(s) ramp up of debt, and was proactive by writing economic position papers and spreadsheets on how to deal with America`s vast economic downturn to try and prevent total collapses via Bail Out`s.

All related to the "War Time Economy" and reckless Bush Administration policies and a Commissioned Congress appropriations, and not due directly to the Federal Reserve "FED" that Ron Paul would do away with. In fact, the FED often warned Congress and the President not to ramp up spending, and gave regular FED response and voiced concerns of reckless political policies. Going back a bit, I see Ron Paul as having vast flaws in his Foreign Policy, where I have tried to participate in a constructive way. I made comments supporting a sound entry and exit strategy before we enter Bosnia "former Yugoslavia" which became the "Powel Doctrine" of engagement.

I hate war, but I am an experienced Veteran and I have made the suggestion to use American Defense forces. The first military action that I suggested was to send troops to arrest and indicted the Drug Indicted Dictator General Manuel Noriega of Panama. The action dismantled a vast drug pipeline to prevent hard-core drugs from entering the United States. I helped organize and plan the 1st Gulf War that destroyed and kicked Saddam Hussein`s army out of Kuwait and won the war in 37 days; thereby, saving millions of lives and affecting the economic fate of nations. The conflict only cost about 70 Billion Dollars as apposed to the recent decade of war that cost trillions.

I have worked with Israel in the past. I ask our Allie Israel to stay out of the conflict; however, they were there if we needed them. I have proposed the "Two State Solution" and "PEACE PARK" plan for a co-existence zone and development of religious tourism to share economic growth and development for both Israel and Palestine. I have made suggestions to American Presidents and the U.S. Ambassador`s to the United Nations to build coalitions and pass "Humanitarian Intervention" actions in Libya that brought an end to Gadhafi`s Dictatorship and vocal threats to destroy innocent civilians that protested his regime.

The United Nations has had a solid place in American foreign policy when used as a partner and not a go it alone "you`re either with us or your against us" attitude. While I have never been a part of the CIA, I have written them position papers on a variety of International Policies that I felt would be constructive and/or in American`s best National Security. The CIA has made mistakes; however, it is a very valuable tool in providing intelligence. One has to realize that it too is a self-serving bureaucracy and has faults, but it is still a viable resource and should be protected as well.

Photo Credit: WikiMedia Commons