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Published:January 21st, 2012 19:30 EST
President Ahmadinejad Did Not Get Any Unexpected Success During His Tour of Latin America and Cuba

President Ahmadinejad Did Not Get Any Unexpected Success During His Tour of Latin America and Cuba

By Harvey Carroll, Jr.

President Ahmadinejad did not get any unexpected success during his tour of Latin America and Cuba.  Latin America like Cuba has began looking to America to enhance their economics as well as feeding their people.  
Therefore, the allegations that the USA uses trade embargoes to bully Latin American countries such as Nicaragua does not have merit and to be frank is a Damn Lie.  While we do not support their Leftist Government we have maintained a strong support of the Latin American people.  Yet, it may be quite reasonable to extend sanctions to the Nicaraguan Government if they think eating and drinking sand from Iran is more important than fresh quality Agricultural exchanges between the United States.  
Cuba has reached out to America to assist in economic development as well.  In fact, I was asked to be part of a People to People Ambassador Program  few years ago.  I did not attend with the other Public Administrators; however, I did get it some thought and made a had a number of discussions with Tony Cubano the son of a powerful opposition leader who`s fled to Florida as the brutal Castro Regime threatened his life, and the lives of many Cubans under the Castro oppressed rule.  
Cubano described the cookie cutter communistic rule built a thankless society that did nothing but work for the State and was provided with a small concrete flat, a stove not much bigger than a small outdoor grill, no washer or dryer to do clothes and it took hours to hand wash and dry clothes on balconies.  Free time was not free as you always felt oppressed.  Tony said he did visit Cuba more recently and he sees nothing that has really changed and he thinks God each and every day that he and his family has been allowed to live and prosper in Florida, USA. He and I visited many resorts and eat many meals together over looking lakes and beautiful Disney properties during my research.  
While the United States has made mistakes in the World, the Global Citizens know that the United States has strong guiding morals, and they know that the United States first seeks to reason via Diplomacy and Development of Trade and Commerce.  US trade sanctions are not to bully small nations to become, or stay proxies.  Yet, the United States has vast Global Interest and Responsibilities as the number one economy on Earth and it has Sanctions and Embargos as part of its Statecraft tools.  It has become expected of America, our strength and morals as a Global economic power, which multitudes of smaller developing nations as well as other large economies throughout the World rely on for their daily bread/survival.   
No one can dispute that the United States via our Commerce Department and State Departments USAID Program has brought more out of poverty than any other nation in the `World`.  Therefore, we truly doe seek Diplomacy and Development first.  However, when Diplomacy breaks down and we Americans confronted, then we will put a boot in your A$$.
I have written huge research papers on Iran, `Sanctions and Security` and concluded that sanctions really do not work, and that it puts hardships on people.  Yet, Sanctions are designed to influence behaviors that the United States feel to be inappropriate such as a deterring a nuclear Iran.
Tehran and the United States in general have the same interest. Use the Oil at a reasonable fair market price to enhance economic growth and development.  Therefore, I conclude that the citizens of Iran are at odds with their leadership which wishes to use their resources to be at odds with the World and threaten the economic stability of the region with a quest to Nuclearize the Middle East.  
If Iran goes nuclear then Iraq, Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern nations would be threatened as would the Global Economy, which is already under great stress. The United States should always try to solve International problems by forging alliances via Diplomatic and Development based on sound economic and finance principles i.e. Capitalism.   We also encourage and try to foster Democracy where citizens have a voice in their Government and as an American, it is sad to see such oppression and violence that radical regimes do to their people. The United States supports sound Government that love and respect their people, the rule of law that works hard for their citizens. 
The radical behavior of the leadership of Iran, Cuba and Nicaragua are not in the best interest of their citizens, or their citizen`s economic interest.  America`s Foreign Policy offers alternatives to such regimes, but has tried to stay out of them unless threatened hence the actions during the Reagan Administration and the Iran/Contra scandal that took football fields of weapons out of Grenada headed for the leftist Government that would have violently oppressed their people even more in Nicaragua.  I was a young man in 1983; however, I did see the weapons first hand at a secure site after they were confiscated.  I thank God that those weapons did not reach Latin America and create death and destruction and now value America`s role in promoting Democracy, Development and Human Rights in Latin America and the World even more.    
Leadership that embarrasses Iran`s silly questioning of the holocaust and the vast death and destruction by like-minded haters of humanity that does not worship their demonic leadership, is incomprehensible to me; therefore, it is very difficult to try and be a voice of reason when such people continue to disrupt peace and prosperity between the Israeli`s and Palestinians. 
Myself, and even American Presidents have embraced a Palestinian State that protects and provides security for Israel as well as Palestinians; however, Iran and other radical regimes in the Middle East try to use the Palestinians as Pawns.  Radical`s continue to excite tensions and supply them with weapons that terrorize a nation that has been kicked all over the World, but continues to have faith in God that they will have Peac,e and be left alone so they can raise their families under the watchful eye of God`s grace. 

Photo Credit: WikiMedia Commons