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Published:January 21st, 2012 11:34 EST
Tips to Help You Keep Your New Year Resolutions

Tips to Help You Keep Your New Year Resolutions

By SOP newswire2

The New Year`s celebrations have come and gone.  The confetti has been cleaned up and the resolutions have been made.  You may have resolved that 2012 will your reduce conflict, reduce stress, or perhaps repair broken relationships. 

Whatever your 2012 goal, conflicts arise which make following through on goals challenging.  Conflict can be overwhelming and perhaps defeat even the best intentions.  Success is achievable but sometimes those good intentions take second place to real life.    

We, at The Law Office of Brigid A. Duffield, know that honorable intentions can be compromised when conflict is not reconciled.  We offer the following tips to resolve conflict, meet your personal goals, and make 2012 your best year yet!

  • Inventory your challenges.  Think about what conflict will get in the way of your good intentions.  When you are ready to take on your challenge and make change, set realistic, achievable goals and plan for some interference.   
  • Create personal mantras to use when people and relationships cause conflict.  The mantra might be "Perhaps you`re right" or "I will need to think about that...I will get back to you" or "Really". 
     Develop techniques to put physical space between you and the conflict which interferes with your plan.  Have an exit strategy ready so that you protect the time commitments you have made to achieve your goal.  Move to a different room, go for a walk, set a timer.        
  • Recognize and embrace failure.  Achieving your goals is not a direct line on a predetermined or realistic timeline.  Failure is inevitable, the degree is within our control.           
  • Create alternative behavior.  If life presents a need to reassess your priority, do so.  When something gets in your planned path, step back, take a breath and decide what the real priority is.  Knowing which punches to roll with and which to disregard will keep you on task.   
  • Enlist someone to help keep you accountable.  Choose someone you trust, someone you can and will communicate honestly with and who will be honest with you.      
  • Re-evaluate your resolutions and goals regularly, weekly, monthly or quarterly.  It`s a great way to keep you from finding its December again and you are making the same resolutions to better yourself in the next year.  
  • Committing to positive changes, no matter how the changes manifest themselves, will ensure less conflict over the long haul.     
  • Honor your commitment to change.  Celebrate and congratulate yourself when you successfully manage conflict.  

Wishing you a speedy and peaceful resolutions to your conflicts and all the best in 2012!!