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Published:January 21st, 2012 14:13 EST

Two Escapees Take Car For Test Drive, And Don't Come Back

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Police in Georgia said two men who failed to return a $6,000 car from a test drive were identified as a pair of escapees from South Carolina.

Investigators said the men went to Swanson Auto Buying Service in Lawrenceville Monday and took a $6,000 car for a test drive. The owner of the dealership, Kent Swanson, said he knew they wouldn`t be returning when one of them called 15 minutes later to ask if the vehicle had GPS installed."


If a man calls an auto dealership and asks if the vehicle he is test driving has GPS installed, that`s a clue that he might not be returning it.

I wonder how many other clues the salespersons at the Swanson Auto Buying Service missed? The fact that two guys are taking a car for a test drive was another big clue, no real man is going to take another guy along when he takes a vehicle for a test drive. Every dude thinks he is an expert on automobiles, and he doesn`t need another dude`s input when he is testing a car.

Were the escapees wearing matching orange jumpsuits, and the salesmen thought they were just making a unique fashion statement?

Hopefully the clueless salespersons learned a lesson, and they will install GPS units in all their vehicles, and never let two men test drive a car.

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