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Published:January 22nd, 2012 11:30 EST
Belfast Dog Lennox Faces Death for Looking like a Pit Bull

Belfast Dog Lennox Faces Death for Looking like a Pit Bull

By Ernest Dempsey

Lennox was ripped from his owner family`s home in May 2010 by wardens of the Belfast City Council who used a common measuring tape to determine the physical measures of the dog`s body. On that basis, they concluded that the dog appeared to be a pit bull, while in actuality Lennox is a an American Bulldog-Labrador cross.

In March 2011, a court ruling in Belfast decided that Lennox was potentially dangerous and should be put to sleep via lethal injection. The owner family appealed this judgment, pointing to the legal weaknesses in it.

However, the court has upheld its ruling to date and now the case has started getting international attention. Reportedly, the court is expected to conduct its next hearing next week. The owner family as well as the authorities have lately been silent about the case.

Some international groups that care about animal rights are ready to intervene and help Lennox out of captivity, where he has been held for more than 600 days now. However, the attorneys for Lennox have not reached out to external help so far.

Meanwhile the online petitionsupporting Lennox`s right to live is still receiving signatures from caring people. The Save Lennox website has requested al readers to write to the Belfast/British authorities for sparing the dog`s life and let him return home to his family.