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Published:January 22nd, 2012 12:48 EST
Kim Jong Un of NORTH KOREA Is No Threat to His Neighbors Or The World

Kim Jong Un of NORTH KOREA Is No Threat to His Neighbors Or The World

By Harvey Carroll, Jr.

I do not see the new leadership Kim Jong Un of NORTH KOREA to be a threat.  They are happy being an isolated nation, and make no State threats outside their borders. 

America has been down a Bloody Path of War before in Korea.  The Korean War stated June 25, 1950. The day that the North Korean armies crossed what is now called the DMZ or Demilitarized Zone.  Seoul fell fast, and a mass exodus of American and Republic of Korean troops were forced into the southeast corner, which became known as the Pusan perimeter.

A few months before Christmas General MacArthur orchestrated a Marine landing to the cut-off the supply routs of the North Korean Army in an attempt to take back Seoul and other strategic locations.  Like most all wars that start with a propaganda premise or False Bill of Goods " which sells the troops that they will be finished quickly or perhaps in this case Home by Christmas usually ends up being a bit more of a task.  

This became true with MacArthur`s troops.  Russia provided Air support and China direct troop engagement.  So, the American troops quickly realized they were in a hornets nest and moral fell as most of the troops ended up thinking that all of China had come to aid the North Koreans.  In fact, nearly a million people from China`s Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) of hardliners overcame the Nationalist Chinese " support of America.  That is if there were any support in the first place.  It appeared to be an obvious bait and trap whereby Russia and China committed American troops and treasure for their own hemispheric gain.  

(I think we see today that China is out for China and it will not go out of the way to favor what might be in America or the Worlds best interest.  Such as the no-brainer of keeping Nuclear Weapons out of North Korea`s hands). 

With nearly a million PLA signing their souls away in the 1950`s the U.S. and South Korean Army once again lost Seoul, and was forced to the south "  As more and more Americans lost their lives and treasure, MacArther lost his job, and Harry Truman lost his credibility and the American people rallies in the realization that they were in a No-Win War.  President Eisenhower Ike got elected and the Armistice Agreement " signed on July the 27th 1953 after a three year war.  

The Armistice divided the peninsula with the U.S. Troops occupying the Southern part and the Soviet Troops occupying the Northern Part armistice; thereby, restoring the border between the Koreas near the 38th Parallel and creating the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).  The DMZ, a 2.5-mile (4.0 km) wide  and 250 kilometers (160 miles) long  buffer zone between the two Koreas. 

Now today we reflect back to the middle of the last Century and see that much of the same could unfold again.  What started out to be a War of Words and a continuation of the Bush black-listing North Korea as part of the Axis of Evil " progressed down the path that resulted in an exchange of shelling with both sides blaming the other.  (For all we know one of those home-made rice whisky steals may have blown up, and was perceived as the first shot fired).  So, whatever happens there one should not rush to judgments of War.  It is just another day at the office for those of us that have been involved with the military at one time or another. 

Like Harry Truman President Obama has already voiced our Military support for South Korea.  Now that blood has been spilt, obviously the United States will continue to create a show of force, and conduct joint readiness exercises with the South Koreans.  Standing tall, with a posture of attention and alertness in the preparation for what could be an all out war between the North and South.  

American has had a vast security force stationed at the DMZ for nearly six decades and those forces are more alert today than ever before.  I have had many friends stationed there with the Army, and perhaps a few that are there today.  From their stories, studying at the University, and of course one of the best look at the country came from the Travel Channel.  I have come to realizes that South Korea has a booming economy that is the envy of its closed society Northern twin border-brother.  Say that three times fast.    Closed society Northern twin border-brother. "  Only joking, once is enough.  So, is war with North Korea; once is enough.  We do not have to repeat the mistakes of the past in this region.  More Americans should not have to die in a second Korean War?

Seoul was the recent host of the G-20 and it appears that many of those financial-power-brokers may be thinking more like Hawks.  Hawks wishing to open old wounds, as apposed to focusing on priorities and trying to bring back the World Economy.   While there may not be Mao leadership in China or Stalin in Russia supplying arms to Pyongyang`s army it could, and most likely would turn out to be much of the same old profiteering conflicts for those that can find a market open for Arms.  

I will not go as far to say that War is Human Nature.  However, I will certainly say, that it is the Nature of the Beast, and those that play the game of War and Rumors of War.  

If anyone should ask you "Why are we are still in Korea?", or "Why is this, our fight?" You can tell them that is for the same old reason why we are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan which had no citizens on the 9/11 Plans that attacked the World Trade Center, nor were they trained how to fly in either of those countries.  The reason is simple, it is the playing of the Evil game of War and Rumors of War.

Those that play the Evil game of War and Rumors of War, can`t break themselves of running guns to the insane, or getting high on the smell of Napalm in the air dropped by the latest high-tech planes.  For they love war, and the profits that come from shipping drugs to those in pain; and counting the money from columns of tanks being loaded on trains, driven by a left-right-oooha-lets-go- to-War Brains.  

When you get chills from the Warm South Wind, you know, yes you know that War is in the Air again.  A time when Satan, and all his friends, rise up to play War and Rumors of War again.  For you know, yes you know, that the World has forgotten about God and following Satan and his bloody path of Sin. 

A couple Harvey Carroll, Jr. originals to be put in the History books.

Thank you, and may God Bless America and give real wisdom to those that lead Nations, so that they might obvert War in favor of  "Gods path of Peace and Prosperity."

Harvey Carroll, Jr.

All rights reserved:

Part 2:

I sort of see Korea as just another day at the office... We have a Treaty to honor with South Korea and have about 28,000 or more service members and women stationed in and around Korea. 

Having had close friends stationed there during some cover up incidents like those that I listed below.  It is not always fun for the U.S. Military in Korea even though the Economy and Country is doing well...

We are, and have always been locked and loaded ,and ready to defend ourselves; however, the main goal is to continue to Honor our Treaty Agreement that we have established between North and South Korea. 

Did you know that Seoul is about 4 minutes airtime from the DMZ.


Incidents and Incursions:

Since demarcation, the DMZ has had numerous cases of incidents and incursions by the North Koreans, although the North Korean government never acknowledges direct responsibility for any of these incidents.

These include:

October 1966 - October 1969: Korean DMZ Conflict (1966-1969), a series of skirmishes along the DMZ results in 43 U.S., 299 South Korean and 397 North Korean soldiers killed

17 January 1968: 31 North Korean commandos crossed the border disguised as South Korean soldiers in an attempt to assassinate President Park Chung Hee at the Blue House. The failed mission resulted in 29 commandos killed (one committed suicide) and the other two captured. Two South Korean policemen and five civilians were killed by the commandos. Other reports indicated as many as 68 South Koreans killed and 66 wounded, including about 24 civilians. Three Americans were killed and another three wounded in an attempt to prevent the commandos from escaping back via the DMZ.

October 1968: 130 North Korean commandos entered the Ulchin and Samcheok areas in Gangwon-do. Eventually 110 of them were killed, 7 were captured and 13 escaped.

March 1969: Six North Korean infiltrators crossed the border near Chumunjin, Gangwon-do and killed a South Korean policeman on guard duty.

April 1970: Three North Korean infiltrators were killed and five South Korean soldiers wounded at an encounter in Kumchon, Gyeonggi-do.

20 November 1974: The first of what would be a series of North Korean infiltration tunnels under the DMZ was discovered. The joint ROK-U.S. investigation team tripped a North Korean booby-trap killing one American and wounding 6 others.

March 1975: The second North Korean infiltration tunnel was discovered.

June 1976: Three North Korean infiltrators and six South Korean soldiers were killed in the eastern sector south of the DMZ. Another six South Korean soldiers were injured.

18 August 1976: The Axe Murder Incident results in the death of two U.S. soldiers and injuries to another four U.S. soldiers and five South Korean soldiers. The incident may not be technically considered an "infiltration" however, as it took place in a neutral zone of the Joint Security Area.

14 July 1977: American CH-47 Chinook helicopter is shot down after straying into the north over the DMZ. Three airmen are killed and one is briefly held prisoner (This is the sixth such incident since the Armistice was signed.)

October 1978: The third North Korean infiltration tunnel was discovered.

October 1979: Three North Korean agents attempting to infiltrate the eastern sector of the DMZ were intercepted, killing one of the agents.

6 December 1979: US patrol in the DMZ accidentally crosses the MDL into a North Korean minefield. One US soldier is killed and four are injured.[12]

March 1980: Three North Korean infiltrators were killed attempting to enter the south across the estuary of the Han River.

March 1981: Three North Korean infiltrators spotted at Kumhwa, Gangwon-do, one was killed.

July 1981: Three North Korean infiltrators were killed in the upper stream of Imjin River.

May 1982: Two North Korean infiltrators were spotted on the east coast, one was killed.

March 1990: The fourth North Korean infiltration tunnel was discovered, in what may be a total of 17 tunnels in all.

May 1992: Three North Korean infiltrators dressed in South Korean uniforms were killed at Cheorwon, Gangwon-do. Three South Koreans were also wounded.

December 17, 1994: American OH-58A+ helicopter crosses 10 km into North Korean territory and is shot down.[12]

October 1995: Two North Korean infiltrators were intercepted at Imjin River. One was killed, the other escaped.

April 1996: Several hundred North Korean armed troops entered the Joint Security Area and elsewhere on three occasions in violation of the Korean armistice agreement.

May 1996: Seven North Korean soldiers crossed the DMZ but withdrew when fired upon by South Korean troops.

April 1997: Five North Korean soldiers crossed the military demarcation line`s Cheorwon sector and fired at South Korean positions.

July 1997: Fourteen North Korean soldiers crossed the MDL, causing a 23-minute exchange of heavy gunfire.

October 26, 2000: Two US aircraft observing a ROK army military exercise accidentally cross over the DMZ.[12]

May 26, 2006: Two North Korean soldiers entered the DMZ and crossed into South Korea. They returned after South Korean soldiers fired warning shots.

October 7, 2006: South Korean soldiers fired warning shots after North Korean soldiers crossed briefly into their side of the border.

October 27, 2009: A South Korean pig farmer, who was wanted for assault, cut a hole in the DMZ fence and defected to North Korea.[13]

October 29, 2010: Two shots were fired from North Korea towards a South Korean post near Hwacheon and South Korean troops fired three shots in return.

Photo Credit: Public Radio