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Published:January 22nd, 2012 19:40 EST
PEACE PARK and my TWO STATE SOLUTION via "The Venus Project"

PEACE PARK and my TWO STATE SOLUTION via "The Venus Project"

By Harvey Carroll, Jr.

For over three decades `Thirty Years`, I have promoted the `Two State Solution` between Israel and Palestine. I ramped up a more aggressive quest for Peace in the Middle East after my involvement in helping organize, and maintain the Multi-national Coalition to Liberate Kuwait against Saddam Hussein`s naked aggression and invasion of his Peaceful Oil Rich Neighbor.
I do not like war, but I gained invaluable experience in dealing with intense high level American Presidential Politics, Global Coalition Building, Influencing the United Nations and Strategic Covert Agreements with Russia. I even put words in former Soviet/Russian Presidents mouth to try and influence Saddam Hussein to back out of Kuwait to overt war. He didn`t and it led to war; however, that war only cost about 70 billion dollars unlike the trillions that this wartime economy has affected. In additon, I feel that I saved millions of lives as I positively affected the economic fate of nations and dimisished Saddam Husseins power to little more than the Mayor of Baghadad...
I opposed a return to Iraq during the George W. Bush Administration and we see today that my thoughts of flawed intelligence, and going into Iraq was not justified, and it cost American`s trillions of dollars, as well the "Wartime Economy" was the direct contributor to the current economic downturn that America and the World faces. I feel that America`s "Common Defense" has lost its commonsense with the spending of nearly 1/2 Trillion a year in the Middle East and the result is less Peace... Cities could be built for a fraction of the Defense dollars spent...
I strongly believe that `PEACE PARK` can solve the Two State Solution Problems. We need to go beyond minor turf issues and housing settlements and find ways to maximize the Co-existence Zone Lands and provide new housing for both states, and develop a solid growth and development plans to deal with the vast economic issues. In addition, the region should focus on a United Nations Global Reform Mandate to conduct city by city Comprehensive Planning such as this example United Nations Global Reform Mandate
PEACE PARK like many great Theme Parks in the world attract tens of millions of visitors each and every year. These amazing theme parks also bring tens of thousands of jobs, and successful economic development to those communities.
With this in mind, I am again proposing that a Co-Existence Zone be agreed upon between Israel, and Palestine to develop "PEACE PARK". PEACE PARK will focus on creating true peace and prosperity not only within the Middle East between the two States of Israel and Palestine, but be a beacon of Peace for the entire World...
PEACE PARK would attract the support and cooperation of Engineers, Builders, Investors/Land Developers, and Capital Markets from around the world. As the park becomes a success, it will bring millions from around the world. In turn those multitudes will bring trade and commerce opportunities that will feed, cloth and shelter those within the Middle East.
PEACE PARK, may still have a wall in key areas; however, this wall should be built in the form of TOWN HOMES, FLATS, AND COMMERCIAL, RETAIL, HOTEL, AND OFFICE strips... One state on one side and the other on the other side... These Town Homes can run for miles upon miles to create a border; however, provide beautiful and safe communities. Communities complete with well-constructed housing, courtyards, gardens and other green space, and wonderful promenades with old world street lighting to light the path to PEACE PARK.
This is the history of Israel and Palestinian issue. It is time to add Peace and PEACE PARK to the bottom of that list
Thank you and I hope to hear and see large peaceful rallies calling for PEACE PARK within the Co-existence Zone calling for a safe and secure place for all families, and children to be able to live and play in peace...
Harvey Carroll, Jr.
NOTE: All rights reserved.
My draft USAID/United Nations Global Reform Mandate suggestion to help develope the area...