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Published:January 22nd, 2012 11:00 EST

School Board: High School Can't Be Known As 'The Cougars'! Name Too Racy

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Students at a brand new Utah high school voted to be known as the Cougars, but the school board decreed that was too racy and chose the Chargers instead.

The Salt Lake Tribune said the board in Draper vetoed the results of the student vote on the grounds Cougar was a derogatory term because of its use as a nickname for single women on the prowl for younger boyfriends"



Example 1,001 that political correctness is running amok; the only ones who would think there`s a sexual connotation with a high school known as the "Cougars", would be cougars like Demi Moore and Madonna.

Demi is down on the dumps right now, her much younger husband, Ashton Kutcher cheated on her and they have split up. It might do wonders for her morale if she thinks there`s a high school named after her.

The highly respected Mormon school, Brigham Young University, has called itself the Cougars for years, if that nickname is good enough for that outstanding university it should be good enough for a high school.

What would be wrong anyway with a high school named after women who are on the prowl for much younger men? Cougars (the human ones) deserve respect like any other minority.

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