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Published:January 23rd, 2012 10:34 EST

Fat Convict Sues: Forced To Wear Same Set Of Sweaty Sweats For 8 Months

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A New York City man says wearing the same set of clothes in jail for eight months is just wrong even though he was too big for the largest institutional duds.

Elias Diaz, 55, filed a $1 million federal lawsuit alleging jailers made no effort to find a jumbo jail uniform he could wear rather than the single pair of sweats and T-shirt he wore every day of his incarceration.

Diaz, who weighs 400 pounds, had to wash his clothes in the shower. Adding insult to alleged injury was the fact the Vernon C. Bain Center has a tailor on staff, the New York Daily News said."


Did Diaz expect the tailor to pay him a visit in his jail cell, and measure him so he could make him a three piece business suit?

If I were the warden, I would have taken away the jailbird`s sweat pants and T-shirt, and ordered the in-house tailor to make him a size 7x Mumu.

Diaz has a lot of nerve complaining that he had to wash his grungy sweats in the shower; the wimpy warden should have forced him to wash them in his toilet.

The lazy bum had eight months to lose weight so his jailhouse duds would have fit him properly.

It`s not like his busy lifestyle kept him from exercising or lifting weights. It`s a shame that prisoners get so much to eat that this 400 pound inmate was able to maintain his hefty frame while he was in the Big House.

The 400-pound felon claims that his buddies send him clothes,but that the packages were returned.

Instead of calling a lawyer when he was released from jail, he should have called Jenny Craig.

If Diaz commits anothe crime, I hope he`s sentenced to jail and a couple of months in a fat farm.

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