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Published:January 23rd, 2012 10:57 EST

Outrage: Old Man Kicked Out Of English Pub For Speaking In German

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A British army veteran says he was thrown out of pub recently for speaking to his daughter in German.

Tom Sharp, 71, told The Daily Telegraph he wasn`t sure what was going on after the landlady allegedly flew into a rage as he spoke to his adult daughter in German.


`It`s not as if we were always speaking German and being rude,` Sharp said. `I could understand if it was all the time and looking at her as if we were plotting something, but we weren`t.`"


This elderly army veteran went to the pub not with the town floozy, but with his daughter, for God`s sake. Sharp goes to the bar to unwind, and celebrate the fact that he`s still alive and kicking.

The veteran wasn`t doing the Nazi salute and shouting "Heil Hiterl" nor was he chatting in Arabic with his daughter, and sprinkling his conversation with a few "Allah Akbars."

Sharp wasn`t speaking in a loud voice as the elderly often do; he was minding his own business and wasn`t making a spectacle of himself.

There is no law in England prohibiting speaking in German in a bar, or anywhere else. The landlady has serious issues,the old man should have told her in English to shut the hell up. For good measure he should have broken wind, that`s a sign of disdain that`s understood by everyone, regardless what language they speak.

The old guy makes a good point; it`s not as if he was plotting something. At his advanced age the only thing he would plot, is the quickest route to the restroom.

After serving his country Sharp should be allowed to go to a pub and unwind and speak with his daughter in any language, including Pig Latin.

After his ordeal, I don`t blame the old coot if he went to another bar with a German lady of the evening, and got drunk as a skunk.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org