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Published:January 24th, 2012 13:09 EST

Best Time To Negotiate Your Debt in NOW! $15K Bill Settled for 40 Cents

By Philip Tirone

A friend of mine with a $15K bill settled for 40 cents on the dollar. More impressively, she wasn`t late on her credit card one single time.

Let me repeat that: She paid $15,247.99 for only $6,100 "and wasn`t late one time.

(Banks almost never agree to negotiate with someone who is making payments on time, so this is pretty darn impressive.)

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Now is the best time since the Depression to negotiate your debt. The banks would rather have something than nothing, so if you present a good case for being unable to pay, they might work with you.

Now, here is how she did it:

1) She signed up for my free three-session debt negotiation course here. (I`m serious. It is free.)

2) She listened to all three sessions.

3) She took the appropriate actions.

I`m posting her negotiation letter right here, so you can see it for yourself.

Bank Of America

So if you are interested in lowering your debt (and your stress levels), sign up for my three-session class on debt negotiation right here. Do it now!

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