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Published:January 24th, 2012 15:47 EST

On Valentine's Day Which Pop Princess Would You Like To Get A Love Letter From?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The New Jersey-based Zebra Pen Corp. said its survey indicates Valentine`s Day revelers enjoy eating out, handwritten notes and home-cooked meals.

Zebra said 34 percent of males in the survey said Katy Perry is the female singer they`d most like to receive a love note from, followed by 29 percent for Taylor Swift, 21 percent for Beyonce, 9 percent for Lady Gaga and 6 percent for Adele."



On Valentine`s Day most folks would rather receive a love note from a loved one, than from a clueless celeb.

I don`t care if Katy Perry is a bimbo; I wouldn`t mind receiving a note from the hottie. The pop princess recently split from her husband, she might be desperate enough to send a love note to a fan.

I wouldn`t be too thrilled to received a love note from Taylor Swift, she`s a wee bit too young and a bit too country.

I might wet my drawers if Beyonce sends me a romantic letter, her thuggish husband might go gangsta on me.

If Lady Gaga googles my name I doubt I will be receiving a mash note from her; I must have written over a hundred articles criticizing her.

Adele is a delightful songbird and she`s got more bounce to the ounce; I would treasure a love letter from her.

But the singer I would most want to get a s*xy note from is Lindsay Lohan, sure she`s not much of a singer, but she`s crazy enough to send a note to an anonymous fan and crazy enough to hook up with him.

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