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Published:January 24th, 2012 14:10 EST

Police: Passenger Smoked Pot On Plane

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A man (Adam Blummmmenkranz) faces drug charges after allegedly smoking pot on a JetBlue flight to Newark, N.J.

Airport police say the man claimed he had the marijuana for medicinal purposes.


As the plane approached Newark the crew reported the man entered the lavatory. When he emerged, they say there was a strong smell of marijuana."


Well that`s one way of making the mile high club...

Even if Adam is suffering from a medical condition that causes him pain,  he can go a couple of hours without smoking a doobie. It`s impossible to mask the strong smell of marijuana, Adam should request a prescription for Marinol the marijuana pill from his physician, so he won`t inconvenience his fellow passengers.

It`s editorial practice to refer to an individual by his surname, but drunk, high or sober, I have a hard time spelling "Blummmmenkranz" correctly.

However, I must admit I`d rather sit next to a stoner than a drunk on a plane; a herb lover might bug your for your pretzels, but a drunk might vomit all over you.

I don`t care if Adam doesn`t have a medical issue, we should all have the right to enjoy the recreational use of marijuana.

Flying is such a stressful ordeal, by the time a passenger has taken off his shoes, and been groped by a TSA thug, who wouldn`t want to light up a joint when he`s finally gets on the plane? There should be a mile high section on a plane where passengers are allowed to smoke weed -- just make sure there`s enough Doritos, Ding Dongs and donuts in the pantry.

Adam was charged with the possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia and released.

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