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Published:January 24th, 2012 22:48 EST
The Tea Party, Coffee Party, and the Occupy Movement

The Tea Party, Coffee Party, and the Occupy Movement

By Harvey Carroll, Jr.

Leaders know in their hearts that they must adapt to, and/or influence change.  Be it changes to maintain a family, a city, state, nation or yes, even global interactions "  In this paper, I will deal with a few levels of thinking ranging from Leaders, Doers, and those that are Complacent and Resistant.  I feel that these are the basic lines of thinking, which are involved in the change making process.  These four characteristics are evident in dealing with and/or making changes that will ultimately shape their attitudes, rally them to make commitments to make real changes for America.
Leaders help us recognize that things are different, be it the market and/or political environment that we were accustomed to.   Leaders are somewhat of visionaries, perhaps even Prophetic in some cases, as they see new products, services, innovation, education, technology, homes, cars, quality of life,  and so forth that people want in order to feel that they are part of the `American Dream`.  We must also recognize that economies are what they are; and that we must stop complaining so much about it and start finding new ways to penetrate and enhance our own markets.  America`s statecraft depends a great deal on our Presidential policies, the appropriations made by Congress, and how the State Department, the Commerce Department interacts in the World.  Then use sound data collected by our Intelligence Communities such as the NSA, CIA World Fact Book, the Export/Import and the World Bank data and financing; however, they have been leading America astray and focused on conflict over constructive policies that really improve America`s economic and Statecraft abilities.  
The vast resources available shows that America, and much of Western Europe has a much higher standard of living than the rest of the World.  We are blessed with an estimated average of about a $50,000 per capita annual income.  Where as, most of the World has from $2 to $4,000 per capita income. This is why Americans/Westerners are treated as Kings when they visit so many nations around the World, as we are considered very wealthy compared to their economic standards.  On the other hand, we have opened ourselves up to being the number one consumer economy in the World.  The has left America with vast trade imbalances and huge deficits, a declining economy and declining culture, lower education standards and the like.
Doers must encourage, and work more closely with change makers like the President`s Executive Branch, the American State Department, Commerce Department, World Bank, Export/Import Bank, and others to begin adapting to change.  We know that we must find new ways of doing business, and developing much fairer trade and commerce deals, perhaps even add tariffs (doubling the cost of imports would add nearly 1 Trillion Dollars to the American Economy and only slightly affect the trade imbalance, because the imports would still be much cheeper than American products; however, new revenues could be used to educate, build virtual World Trade Centers that connect every state and city in America, build rail and export shipping infrastructure, and ships to get our products to foreign markets. 
 This will help maintain America`s high standards of living.  Our industries must recognize these market conditions, and find ways to produce goods that can sell within the lower income markets, and make a profit.  This may require much more innovative ways of making a profit, such as trading goods and services for properties, and/or other valuables beyond asking for a fixed price for a product sold in these markets.  We must continue to develop new cities and to revitalize our older cities and communities.
Complacent personalities have been the norm in Congress and within most of the Nation after the Clinton Administration`s It`s the Economy Stupid changes.  Many new jobs, growth and development allowed America to be more comfortable, as they became a much stronger and relished as being the number one economy in the World...  Complacent of having the highest standards of living in the World allowed America to let its guard down.  The Republican Congress under Clinton led by Newt Gingrich at the time, passed bad NAFTA and China Trade Deals.  These trade deals are now costing American nearly 1 Trillion each year in trade imbalances.  Then as things began to get a bit tough as America began to export dollars and jobs, along with the 9/11 hijackers targeted America`s World Trade Center, America quickly embraced fear.  That fear for far too long has prevented America from progressing.  
Our own unwillingness to change our perceptions, and understanding of the realities of the World has held us back.  Our buying into fear has allowed the Washington Beltway Bandits to bring on a lost decade, and a near Great Depression economy.  America and the World is affected by our attitudes, and the way we see the World.  We must recognize that we can shape our own personal attitudes.  When we American`s began to change our perceptions and change negativity, and fear into constructive changes the world will change with us.  As we focus to Change our own attitudes and embrace constructive change, our personal economies, and then our mass attitudes will shape progress within the World`s and how we are viewed, and also help shape their economy in a much more constructive way. 
Resistant Movements need to be reassured that they have safe, and secure jobs, and futures.  People living on every Street in America are worried, and need to be reassured that they will have jobs, be able to maintain their family livelihood, educate themselves, their children.  The aging and retired need to know that they will have secure pension plans that are safely invested within their companies, and on Wall Street that is not being torn away like the fuzz on a tennis ball as Wall Street rally`s their futures back and forth.  
Changes must make sense, reforms have to be made in the way the country is doing business, and the way industries are doing business that protect and secure jobs and personal investments as well as the way they are doing business in World.  Changes must ensure Resistant America`s sense of security.  America`s sense of job, family and retirement security is in my opinion, a much higher priority, than the trillions squandered on America`s National Security.  (Having participated as a Presidential level consultant on several wars that has saved millions of lives and affected the economic fate of nations, I would welcome this debate with any Beltway Bandit special interest appropriator or Commissioned Congressperson).  
For nearly a decade our Common Defense lost its commonsense, and took vast resources from America, costing jobs, homes, cars, families, and restricting quality and equal access to education.  I like many of you did not agree with a return to an Iraq War, and called for it to end, even before it began via letters to Congress, the White House and the United Nation. Yet, what is done, is done and we have to recognize that our mission is accomplished in both Afghanistan and Iraq or at least that is what both former Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld and former President Bush told us in May of 2003.  Apparently the Soldiers on the ground, and the Beltway Bandits squandering the nearly 2.2 Billion a day, with about ½ Trillion a year being-spent in the Middle East alone did not get the memo.  President Obama has started to wind down those War`s of Choice.
Our Common Defense must maintain commonsense, and recognize that Diplomacy, trade and commerce will be the key to political and economic stability in the Middle East, not conflict. We must have hope that Diplomacy, and cooler heads will prevail in bringing about peace and prosperity within the Middle East and elsewhere in the World, while maintaining our National Security as a last line of defense.
I think that a decade of poor policies and fear is long enough for America.  For far too long millions of Americans have felt the affects of, unfair trade deals, a long drawn out Wartime economy, which in turn influence the FED to lower rates to maintain an economy; thereby, bringing on an over inflated housing market bubble.  This in turn created a ripple affect that overwhelmed so many American`s in the lower and middle classes, which had no voice.  The Wartime Economy also created a vast adverse situation, whereby nearly 2/3rds of the American States had to be bailed out via a stimulus program as well as dozens of American Banks.  It is no wonder why so many have been taking to the streets.
The old Reform Party established by Ross Perot and I warned of these things, while other economist claimed to be clueless.  The Tea Party with many of the same values tried to voice their selves, but were hijacked by the same people that got them in the situation in the first place.  The other voices began to emerge like the Coffee Party and the Occupy Movements.  All have been silent for way too long and resistant to influence the changes that needed to be made long ago to prevent American from being in this predicament; whereby, we lost vast respect in the world, lost vast economic wealth and are now viewed as the drunken bully on the block that squanders our money unwisely.  
Sad, but true that it took years of sleepless nights of me worrying about this stuff before people began to get angry enough to voice what I have been trying to say, and change for most of my life in public service.  The people that started the Reform Party, Tea, Coffee, Occupy, and other movements have finally become so frustrated with their own personal situations, that they are now using their voice, calling for change, and beginning to recognizing proactive ways to make those changes.  Calling for corrupt special interest to stop buying the Commissioned Congress, and calling for representation for their taxation and the wise use of those taxes.  These American`s that have gone to the streets, slept on the streets, and chanted in the cold know as I know in my heart that America has been mismanaged for far too long.  They know that American must find ways to make constructive changes, even if people are afraid of change, and hesitant of change they know it must happen now.  Bravery is a rare trait, and it takes time to muster courage to make real change.  
In conclusion, I see that the basic visions of change is clear; there is a need for reforms to establish fairer trade deals, reduction of our trade deficits, reduction in squandered special interest Defense spending, reduction of America`s national deficit/debt and focus more on peace and prosperity in the World as we open up new markets.  People need to know that for far too long that the old guard of America does not reflect the kindness, the smiles that Americans have on their faces and within their hearts.  People that meet us American`s throughout the World see and recognize this, and they know that America has had a decade of misguiding leadership.  Most I have talked throughout the world still hold faith that President Obama can bring America back, and conduct global business in a much more humanistic and constructive way.  I hope that you all, which have been taking to the streets, now fully understand just how important that it is too continuing your commitments to change America.  
Thank you, for making the commitment to change America, and DO NOT GIVE UP! 
Harvey Carroll, Jr.

PS:  You all may wish to Occupy Florida in March, after spending months in the cold streets this winter... 
Photo Credit: WikiMedia Commons