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Published:January 25th, 2012 12:51 EST
11th Hour Plea to Avert War with Iran

11th Hour Plea to Avert War with Iran

By Harvey Carroll, Jr.

My 11th hour plea to avert War with Iran and ask Iran to cooperate with the United Nations weapons inspectors to reduce the nuclear threat, and to reduce the case for another War in the Middle East that has been built against Iran.
In this interview Ahmadinejad, echo`s the doubts of a lot of American people, and recognizes the money trail has benefited Defense interest, the vast cost of American Taxpayer wealth, and the questionable justification to occupy two Middle Eastern countries, he still offers no direct evidence. Nor, is it his place to for it is America`s responsibility to choose its Government, and shape the direction that it goes.
While Ahmadinejad is not one of my favorite people and is quite hypocritical with often-anti Israel, even though in this interview he recognized the rights of Israel to exist as an independent nation...
Ahmadinejad has often been admonished by the International Media for his radical undertone, as well as a Iran`s history of War and oppression. So, he has `Credibility Issues` and should not be throwing stones towards American Policy, as portions of his own Iranian Government took control of Iran in a Coup from the Shaw, oppressed its people and the radicalization led to participated in a decade of War with Saddam Hussein`s Iraq.
Ahmadinejad portrays Saddam as a victim of American aggression, which is partly true, for I too opposed a return to Iraq and saw no justification and/or link between Iraq and 9/11; however, Iraq like Iran today made the aggression easy as Saddam persisted in being defiant. Saddam kicking out the U.N. Weapons inspectors has kinship with Ahmadinejad`s policy of persistently pursuing the quest to go nuclear. This quest gives an easy sell to Defense interest as well as making it an easier sell to simple folks like myself that do not wish to see radical nations that are Anti-American, Anti-Israel obtain such devastating power.
Yet, I can see a glimmer of hope within Ahmadinejad and I think both America and Iran has seen too much War, wasted vast blood and treasure; therefore, I will entertain his conspiracy theories for a moment. But, I will do so out of respect for the thoughts and message of an historical American President Eisenhower that I respected because of his grave warning to America about the rise of the Military Industrial Complex I also entertain the thoughts due to my own background in participating in too many Wars that has cost lives, to include the recent `Humanitarian Intervention` suggestions in Libya I daily try to justify that the ends justified the means, and that my participation ultimately saved millions of lives, and positively affected the economic fate of nations. I also do this in an 11th hour attempt to overt War with Iran.
I recognize Michael Moore`s move Fahrenheit 911 as being a very good `Independent 9/11 Investigation` that came close to following the money trail. Having went through a couple Federal Law Enforcement training courses, and I have conducted law enforcement investigations during the Military Police Investigator, as a Federal Officer and as a Private Investigator/Security Officer license in several States (NY, NJ, RI, OH, KY) in my earlier years dealing with labor disputes. I recognize Michael Moore`s `Fahrenheit 9/11` movie as doing a pretty darn good investigative job following the potential money trail post 9/11.
Michael Moore was a brave man that has stood up to the wrongs of Big Industry that packed up and left Michigan to dodge a few dollars on an hourly wage, stood up to Health Care Giants, and for sure stood up against International Terrorism with his attempt to link 9/11 with `American Defense Interest.`

Michael Moore calls the 200o election a Coup, and goes further by pointed towards American Defense Companies i.e. The Carlyle Group, which the Bin Ladin Family had financial holdings in, as did other prominent Saudi Royal Family members, as well as the Bush family as co-conspirators in 9/11. Then they reaped the benefits, as 9/11 became the premise to War`s of Choice within the Middle East.
My investigation that I shared with President Obama`s Sr. Advisors, did little more than point them towards Michel Moore`s documentary on 9/11 as a pretty solid investigation. I also concluded that there could be more than just a coincidental money trail, but that job was for the 9/11 Commission and the FBI to conduct and not mine, but I still respect Moore for shareing his views.
While, I greatly respect and feel the need for America`s Common Defense. I can also draw that this money trail appears to be more than just a coincidences from Michael Moore`s documentary, and feel that I can point out that perhaps America`s Common Defense has lost its Commonsense. Perhaps the Commissioned Congress that has been appropriating anything, and everything for the misplaced power of the Military Industrial Complex as noted by President Eisenhower`s warning to America has become not only America`s problem, but has added to the problems by misguiding the World.
In closing, I offer great prayers for President Obama, the new leadership in Saudi Arabia, as well as Iran, its neighbors that are being threatened by the rise of a nuclear Iran. The United Nations and the United Nations Security Council now has the weight of the World on their shoulders as they try to contain the elite and unbridled Demonic wealth, which has infiltrated the Global Defense Industries, and misguided the masses towards fear and failures of humanity.
Thank you, and May God Bless America, and the multitudes from around the World that still see America as the shining city on the hill.
PS: Ahmadinejad appears to be sincere, but offers no ties between 9/11 and Defense; however, Michael Moore does make a pretty good case that there was and that Saudi elite`s that have been at odds with Iran may have been involved. So, with this out in the open, how can the U.S. and Iran overt War? I wonder if Amadinejad he understands President Obama`s position, and the powers that he has to deal with. Would Ahmadinejad be willing to listen to reason, or is it his fate to be become the target of those powers? 
I am writing this because I once had a few drinks with a few old NAZI SS Soldiers in Germany while stationed there with the American Army Military Police in the mid 80`s... They joked and called me a "Young General" because I was so inquisitive about how the nation could follow Hitler into such death and destruction... They said that there was such a movement that everyone was scared and even I would follow the movement...
With that, thought from that late evening drinking session with the old SS Soldiers on a cold, snowy winter night much like tonight is why I am writing this. Not that I am comparing President Obama to Hitler, but because of the Military Industrial Complex, which has risen above Civilian Control of the Military...
I hope that my readers will encourage Secretary Clinton, and President Obama to at least discuss my thoughts and try to bring the Iranian President to the discussion table to overt War...

Thank you,
Harvey Carroll, Jr.