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Published:January 26th, 2012 12:00 EST

Madonna To Perform With Cee Lo Green, MIA And Niki Minaj At Super Bowl

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Madonna will reportedly duet with Cee Lo Green during her set at next month`s Super Bowl.

Madonna recently revealed that her 12th studio album will be titled MDNA and she will perform the LP`s lead single `Give Me All Your Luvin`` at the Super Bowl show."



A Madonna duet with Cee Lo Green is a terrific idea, however it might cause a panic if the crowd mistakes Cee Lo for the Good Year blimp. Fans might run for the exits thinking that the blimp has crashed onto the stage. Will there be enough room on the stage for Madonna`s big ego and Cee Lo`s huge frame? Just joking, please no hate male from fans of the Queen of Pop.

I hope Cee Lo and Madonna don`t sing Cee Lo`s monster hit "F You", the censor would have a heart attack.

MIA and Niki Minaj will join Madonna on stage when she performs `Give Me All Your Luvin`, that`s a lot of star power, the halftime show may eclipse the football game.

The Super Bowl halftime show is scheduled to last only 12 minutes, the NFL should seriously consider extending it to at least 20 minutes. Twelve minutes of Madonna is not enough for an artist who has released so many great hits.

Two great teams, a legend performing on the halftime show, the Super Bowl is must-see TV!

Link to Madonna`s "Like A Prayer" video:

Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org

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