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Published:January 26th, 2012 20:57 EST
President Obama Brings America Back From Bush Regime

President Obama Brings America Back From Bush Regime

By Harvey Carroll, Jr.


President Obama is in a position to bring America back as an example as opposed to the Bush Doctrine of Westernizing turf under the hospice of NATO... Real leadership did great things after the collapse of the Soviet Union, especially with the various trips that the former 1st Lady, now Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took to the East and her Reset with Russia. During these tough, economic times in the West as well as within the Emerging Markets both in Eastern Europe and within India, China, etc. America has to become an example of peace and prosperity. 

Eastern Europe, Central Asia, more particularly the area`s that we are more familiar with is the Ukraine, Russia and Georgia and it is again needed today, especially during these economic tough times... The Ukraine has made many changes over the past 20 years. These countries and their neighbors have struggled with the conversion of Communism to Capitalism. A good guestamate would be that about 25% have been clinging to the old Communistic ways, and 25% pulling towards Capitalism, with 50% stuck in the middle unsure of any changes since the World Bank and so many economists are predicting a continued decline in these Emerging Markets. 

Those percentages started to shift greatly towards Westernization as sound economic and finance principles began to emerge in the Big Emerging Market (BEMs) of Eastern Europe. Yet, poor management in the West and NATO turf grab attempts along Russia`s border caused the Ukraine to become strong-armed by Putin`s Russia via Geopolitical Oiligarg policies. Those same NATO turf expansions into Georgia led to Russia invading their Southern neighbor. Even though, Russia has been tough on them, they need their neighbors now more than ever as the Global crises continue to threaten great progress of Westernization and Capitalism. President Obama and Secretary Clinton were wise to realize the Global Economic pressures and create a Russia Reset Policy.

 Let me be clear I am not Anti-NATO. I am Anti-Dumb Arse Policy. NATO under the Bush Doctrine pushed many such dumb policies that isolated a great many that looked too America for economic leadership. Yet, the blundering Bush policies squandered tens of trillions of dollars, became directly responsible for the adding of an additional 10 Trillion Dollars worth of new Debt to American taxpayers backs. The Bush Polices and Polices, whereby, America`s Common Defense lost its commonsense have really placed America on a near economic collapse like the Soviet Union States experienced approximately twenty years ago. I often discussed with my political friends that the Reagan Cold War Arms Race was nothing more than a race with Russia to see who could go broke first. It appears that Russia just barely beat us. Now with American 15 Trillion in debt we have little in the way of presenting as being stewards of sound economic and finance; and this is very disheartening to me. 

I often discuss the vast values of American Capitalism, and how it affects the World/Global Economy. If you take time to ponder it a bit, it America has near overwhelming responsibilities to the World from being the number 1 Economy in the world. I wrote written many position papers, as well during my many discussions with high-level political officials in Washington. I strongly feel that many great nations and their societies would have ceased to exist if it were not for America rushing to their aid. Hence, my writings and interest in helping after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and suggestions that America assist via IMF loans post Soviet Collapse as well as recent bail out of more than 75 Ukrainian Banks. Without the West, and Americas helping of the Eastern Block tens of millions would have most likely died of starvation. If not for America leading Soviet States to Westernize, they could not have survived after the collapse of the Cold War. This is one of the reasons that President Clinton told the little White House lie during the Lewinski scandal as 1st Lady Hillary Clinton was in Eastern Europe on a Diplomatic Delegation and it would have hurt her credibility. 

If not for America and Western Europe via the IMF/World Bank there would be few Independent countries within the former Soviet States, and the World would be in complete chaos. Granted we did a great deal; however, this does not give America or the West via NATO the right to a turf grab, which obviously threatens and/or creates a bit of paranoia for Russia`s national security interest. I met many Polish Delegates in the mid to late 90`s and advised them to cautiously become part of NATO; however, I have pushed for a Neutral Ukraine and Georgia for the past couple of decades. I more importantly feel that all could be lost without sound economic and finance leadership and a true Russia Reset Policy. The Reset Policy should go beyond Leadership, the old Arms Race; which squandered humanities treasure.  

Russia will have an election soon and I have mixed feelings about Putin`s leadership. He has approximately ½ of Russia`s support the other consist of about 25% from the old Communist Party and 25% of collective Opposition support. It is a tossup as to who should rule Russia. On one had Putin achieved a great deal as the West began to invest within Russia; however, on the other hand Putin became and Oiligarg that used the Oil Giant takeover in his Geopolitical quest to control Russia`s neighbors by via strong-arm energy policies and countered NATO support of those countries. 

Therefore, I see that there was still a bit of "Cold War` lingering in and around Russian relations. The Russian invasion of Georgia led to a 75% drop in the Russian Stock Market and this devastated the Russian Economy. The self-applied sanctions as Westerners mass exited the Russian Markets had little effect on Putin`s personal wealth; however, it did affect those that are dealing with the daily hardships and he may have issues in explaining that he took those actions in Russia`s National Security Interest. Just as President Obama will have to make the case to the American people that the Bush blunders undermined America`s Economic National Security; in fact that President Obama has been overwhelmed, had to bail out banks, industries, 2/3rds of the American States and the list goes on. 

The leadership also kept Western Europe from collapse. President Obama countering the decade old Bush Wartime Economy had to take many actions to prevent it from a freefall, as Russia experienced during the collapse of the Soviet Union. Again President Obama was wise to recognize poor Russian relations and that they were experiencing hardships and offered the Reset Policy. 

America and NATO partners have offered constructive leadership; however, long-term conflict has as I mentioned above caused America`s Common Defense to lose it`s commonsense. This might be the reason that America`s Founding Fathers put a provision within the Constitution of the United States to limit War funding for only two years. America`s Foundering Fathers were wise men that we should read, and ponder a lot more often, for they saw great visions for America.  

Our Founding Fathers first, and foremost, saw an America that shunned fear, and America has risen to the occasion many times throughout our short history. Sound leadership has taken down a variety of evil aggression and many times, I played a part in those countering of evil over the past two and a half decades. 

 America rose to the occasion during WWI, WWII, Iraq, Panama and Afghanistan, and in Libya whereby, Mafiaism overtook Democracy. Evil leadership within those nations had vampirically distributed narcotics and terrorism throughout the world. However, I have issues with the long-term conflict as I mentioned above and feel that our own Defense undermined America`s economic national security interest over that of the "Beltway Bandits` that profited from a long-term wartime economy. This is not America and this is why I will continue to state that America`s Common Defense has lost its commonsense. 

 My America has developed and shared great technologies, which has inspired humankind to go beyond Earth itself and into the Heavens via the invention of Airplanes and Rockets that travel to outer space. Such technological advancements go far beyond the simple expansion of Benjamin Franklin playing around with a kite and lighting to understand electricity, or Thomas Edison invention of the light bulb, and Alexander Gram Bell yelling for help through his first telephone. Such innovation has led to the invention of global electric initiatives and green energy via solar and wind technologies, computers, cyberspace and smart phones that I will get my Google news alert on once this is available for millions to read after I upload it from the other side of the Earth via Wi-Fi.

Amazing how things have changed since I was a kid living in a small town looking at the only red-light waiting for it to change. I often glanced over at the Phone Booth that took a few coins to make a call and pondered if someday I would be able to do video calls. Now, I can communicate via my smart phone and/or computer from nearly anywhere in the World face to face with friends, family and partners` alike, thousands of miles away via Skype video chats. America is truly an amazing Country and our vast wealth as the number one economy in the World has driven techno to meet America`s demands. 

American Industrialization and Technological Advances has created great industries for home goods, cars, developed, and provided millions upon millions of new housing needs at affordable prices. American industrialization and expansion has given me the thought to go even further and say that America Capitalism has become the mind and body of civilization, which has led to the facilitation of the basic needs of shelter, clothing and putting food billions of family`s tables throughout the world... However, we are starting to slack and we need to get serous with our education, and focus on a sound dress code, where kids come to school not to be social standouts, but to learn and be competitive in the World. 

 Many times America and Capitalism have had its critics, and I have even heard the old saying "Money is the root of all Evil"; I total disagree in favor of the Divine right of money... For the Bible reflects America`s economic way of life in so many ways as it tells stories of Heavenly-streets paved of Gold; therefore, one should conclude nothing less... God benefits, as society benefits; with new Churches in his honor, and charities richly funded to carry out Gods will and miraculous deeds... After all the American Dollar states clearly `In God We Trust.` 

 America shuns isolationism, in doing so, the world greatly benefits as nationalistic fears, and intolerance becomes replaced by faith, tolerance and focus on the common bonds of humanity. Americas Constitution has influenced the echo within the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights to encourage similar freedoms and liberties that the United States holds so dearly. Such bonds of humanity have established vast trade and commerce with America`s fellow man, which feeds, cloth, and shelter billions of families throughout the World, as if doing good deeds for God; however, we have slacked and have chosen a path of destruction over that of promoting peace and prosperity for all humankind during the Bush Administration. As we turned our back on God and constructive peace and prosperity policies, God turned his on us. We must get back on the more constructive path or perish as other nations have that took the wrong path... 

America has a vast amount of wealth and resources and has access to near unimaginable amounts of funding for America is still the best place to securely invest. America needs to reform our International Trade and Commerce policy into a fairer trade policy. America and the Western European countries and a few other nations hold a huge economic advantage over developing nations, as we have a near $50,000 GDP and most other nations of the World hold from $2, to $4,000 GDP`s. This places America and many Western European nations at a huge trade imbalance; however, with proper reforms all nations can continue to benefit and reap the rewards and all humankind can benefit. 

I am still amazed that a person can have breakfast in pretty much any city in America, and be-connected to the rest of the world. This becomes clearly evidently by simply reading down the items on the restaurant menu ... Granted some Items may come from the local area; however, most come from other state, across borders, and/or from across vast oceans, ordered and delivered in the many high-tech ways I mentioned above. 

All menu items are priced affordable, and includes value added fees that provide pay checks to the commodities brokers, sea, air and land transporters, distributors, local salesmen, and women, the cafe` builders, cooks and finally down to the friendly waiter or waitress that has pen in hand ready to take your order... This trade and commerce also fund international commerce, and World Trade Centers that are now Virtual World Trade Center`s connecting every state, city and community to the World if they take the time to expand their way of thinking and their community`s way of thinking and accessing the World markets. 

 This is American Capitalism, and the basis of our Diplomatic and Economic Statecraft and America Economic National Security Interest that trump Common Defense lack of commonsense. It is the belief in the all mighty dollar; with the words, "IN GOD WE TRUST" printed on it. Those words still instill faith and confidence in that little piece of fiat paper money that so many would like to scrape off in favor of a golden rock. The American Dollar through Capitalism, connects, and brings together people of sound mind, and integrity from all walks of life from throughout the World; therefore, I have no doubt that the Dollar and faith in America via "In God We Trust` will survive and prosper. 

This is my concept of Capitalism, and this is my United States of America... I hope you also see America the way that I do. If you do, then I ask that you join us to help banish fear, intolerance, evil and poverty and help create a more peaceful and prosperous world...

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons