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Published:January 28th, 2012 18:15 EST
Banishing the Blues: Sniff Sweat?

Banishing the Blues: Sniff Sweat?

By Donna Cavanagh

I read this article about how to get rid of the blues.  I am not talking big time depression, but the temporary "Damn, I gained five pounds" or the "Damn, my day sucks" or the "Damn, the human race is filled with idiots" blues.

Anyway, for these types of blues--once again, the blues that do not require years of ingesting any of the many pills that are advertised constantly during my favorite sitcoms--there are cheap and fun methods to get that smile back on your face.  I would like to share a few of the experts` ideas which might help turn your frown upside down.

Dancing to your favorite music: Dancing is liberating and exhilarating whether you do a country line dance, an old Saturday Night Fever disco dance or a "normal" dance to a good classic rock song.  Personally,  I find that playing air guitar and lip syncing expedites the cheering up process as long as you do not play air guitar and lip sync in front of a window that is in view of your neighbor who tends to gossip.  If you do this, your immediate mood might lift, but the months and years of ridicule that you will suffer at the hands of the entire neighborhood will eat away at your long-term, good-feeling buzz and might force you to move.

Shopping: I was sort of surprised to see this in the cheer yourself up list. Some experts believe that those who are down in the dumps may use shopping as an emotional crutch especially if they spend too much money which will later put them into a deeper depression.  I am NOT one of those people. I am in total control when I go to the mall to make myself feel better especially if I hit a great sale at my favorite store and have an extra 20 percent off coupon for being a frequent buyer which allows me to get the perfect shoes to match my new clothes--oh, and earrings--oh, oh, oh and a purse--let`s not forget the purse!    I`m sorry, what we were talking about?   Oh, yes, how shopping gives only a temporary high for the blues.   Nope, not my problem, so leave me alone!

Changing your hairstyle or color: If you are inclined to go this route, I suggest you start out with a gradual color change.  Going from one end of the color spectrum to the other might be too shocking for your family. And I hate to say this, but a shocked family is not a supportive family. It`s sad, but it`s true.  If you do a gradual change, they might never notice you look different until you have totally transformed yourself from a dark brunette to a Lucy Ricardo redhead.  Families who see each other every day tend not to notice little changes. This is especially true if any member of your family is an engineer.  They don`t see subtle well, so you will be safe until the transformation is complete and still feel good about the new you during each step of the entire process.

Sniffing your better half`s sweaty clothes: Yes, some people swear by this method. They sniff sweat and they feel better. I guess a little sweat is good.  Too much sweat and I will projectile vomit the blues right out of me.  That might just be me. I tend to like people who shower.  Supposedly, sweaty clothes releases some kind of comfort endorphins in the brain, so some blues gurus suggest sniffing a hamper filled with dirty clothes might lift one`s spirits.  Honestly, just writing that made me gag, so I would rather be depressed than high on sweat.

Botox: I know nothing about Botox, so I can`t support or condemn it.  The theory is this: the Botox paralyzes facial muscles and while you might not be able to smile, you also won`t be able to frown, and people are aware of the fact that they cannot frown more than they are aware of the fact that they cannot smile.  A no-frown day lifts people`s moods and makes them happier all the way around--plus they have no wrinkles.  I can see the value in Botox. The downsides of this blues cure: Botox is probably the most expensive of the non-expensive ways to find some quick happiness plus it requires a needle, and an ability to not care that you can`t feel your face for a few days, but in the long run, what`s a little facial paralysis if it means a happier heart?

I am a bit disappointed that no one mentioned ice cream.  Ice cream to me is the cure-all food. Add some Reese`s Peanut Butter Cups and a dab of marshmallow fluff, and I can find no wrong with the world. Is it too late to nominate Dairy Queen for president?