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Published:January 29th, 2012 21:14 EST

Meteorologists Predict Record Warm Winter to Last into Spring

By Ron G Anselm

I have to admit we have seen a wacky weather pattern this winter. Here in Alabama the normal cold winter days where no one steps a foot outside have transitioned into cool pool party days. And now Meteorologists are predicting the normal warm weather pattern to last through this winter in most states.

The normal weather pattern for Alabama is usually in November we start to see temperatures dip down into the lower thirties and in a more extreme case the lower twenties. When the weather gets that cold here you really don`t see much activity outside except the normal morning rush hour to go to work and the normal afternoon rush hour to come home from work. Not this year; it seems like we could have hit the beach in December and started working on our summer tan early this year and instead of Santa Clause wearing his furry red suit and flying in his magic reindeer driven sleigh he could have been delivering presents while riding the big tubular wave in his Speedo`s at the beach. I think we have had a hand full of cold days here in Alabama since last winter.

Meteorologists are predicting the warm weather pattern to last through the remainder of this winter. The WSI Chief Meteorologist who is Dr. Todd Crawford summed up this wacky warm weather that has been more out of sync than a drunk trying to sing at a Karaoke Party and your local street corner bar. He states, "The summer heat has been more impressive and widespread than anticipated so far," "The extreme drought across the southern Plains has resulted in record heat in that part of the country. The drought has also acted to anchor the heat across much of the eastern two-thirds of the country, while the West has remained relatively cool, so far. We don`t foresee a significant change in pattern for the remainder of the summer, although the focus of the heat may shift slightly farther to the west." (Crawford, 2011)

This statement by DR. Crawford was made in July of last year and he is basically stating the normal cold and frigid weather this winter in the normal parts in this country it occurs may be as elusive to find anywhere because the warm weather pattern should be lasting for a while and has so far into this winter.

So, why are we having the above-average temperatures in most parts of this country? In my opinion it has a lot to do with Global Warming. Global Warming has been the culprit in most of the extreme weather cases we have seen over the past year or so and I think it is still playing a big part in having a mild winter and probably will play even a bigger part in having a very hot summer this year. I am all for warm weather just not extreme humidity so I think you can bet your beach wear on having a ton of fun at the beach this year starting now. The warm weather abnormalities have blanketed most regions of this country like a green, grassy meadow.

If you live in the Northeast you have probably and still are seeing warmer than normal temperatures. Just think about New York recently, if I remember correctly within the past few months at one point they had tornado warnings. Not your normal weather pattern this time of the season for New York or the Northeast.

If you live in the Southeast you have more than likely also seen a warmer than normal winter, except if you live in Florida which has had cooler than normal temperatures. The North and South Central states have seen warmer than normal temperatures and the Great Northwest has seen like Florida has cooler than normal temperatures this fall and winter. The desert states in the Southwest have again seen warmer than normal temperatures. And the cost of my home state of California has seen that normal ocean breeze feel like a windy blizzard in Alaska because the California coastal region has been cooler than normal.

So, wax that surfboard, mark your favorite tanning spot at the closest beach near you or why go to the beach when you can pop up your fold out lawn chair and put on the sun block from the comforts of your backyard because the warm temperatures are expected to last and get even warmer as this winter makes its way to the sweet smell of spring.


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