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Published:January 29th, 2012 13:38 EST
Time for Manchurian Candidate Mitch McConnell to "PACK YOUR BAGS"

Time for Manchurian Candidate Mitch McConnell to "PACK YOUR BAGS"

By Harvey Carroll, Jr.


Regaining my title as "The most influential International Political Figure in Kentucky"


This excerpt if from old article from the Lexington Herald Leader during my Congressional Race at the age of 27 dubbed me as "The most influential International Political Figure in Kentucky."

Mitch McConnell holds that title now, but he has misrepresented Kentucky and America as his influence has vastly undermined America`s economic national security; therefore, I call for Senator McConnell to step down from his Senatorial Seat.


I will not go off on a tangent and try to show and or defend my background within the article. Instead, I wish to look at America`s changes since this twenty year old Article, and show that I have lost my influence to those that have undermined America`s economic national security, as well as how Kentucky has been added to the misguided Republican Electoral College "corner."

We all know that Newt Gingrich is from Georgia and became a Commissioned Congressman and Speaker of the House. The Gingrich Republican Congress, as well as Kentucky`s Mitch McConnell`s leadership from the Senate passed NAFTA without Fair Trade Provisions. As Ross Perot warned, NAFTA became a large sucking sound with jobs going south " NAFTA has cost America a steady 200 Billion a year for well over 1 Trillion Dollars "worth of trade imbalances since the NAFTA taxpayer Bill was enacted."

Then the Asian/China Trade Deals were much more sever over the past decade, with China trade now ramped up to over 350 billion dollars a year; thereby, dwarfing NAFTA and costing America about 3 Trillion Dollar Trade Imbalance, "over the past decade after George W. Bush Took office."


Not only did President Bush and Senator McConnell sell the American People a false bill of goods on two wars of choice. Their misguided American leadership committed the United States military for over a decade in these wars of choice, which cost the United States Tax Payers "TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS" via direct war cost. Their failed leadership also maintained a wartime economy that created the worst economic downturn since The Great Depression. Trillions was lost in the Real Estate and Financial Services Markets and the American Taxpayer was stuck with the Bill or watch America turn over the keys to China.


Which brings me to Mitch McConnell`s Manchurian Candidate "status." Not only did he focus on borrowing Trillions from China to put on the American Taxpayer backs, but he also spent those trillions via Appropriations bills that squandered America`s wealth as opposed to investing it wisely to compete in the Global economic environment, build roads, create jobs and invest in education.


I will go further to say that he and President Bush even brought McConnell`s own wife in to the mix which also aided in undermining America`s economic national security. Elain Chao McConnell from Taiwan was the longest serving Labor Secretary in History from 2001 to 2009 under President Bush . Under her Labor Secretarial leadership, her husband`s and President Bush`s Chinese Borrow and Spend Policy " there was a vast ramp up of Asian/Chinese goods that flowed into America; thereby, creating multi-billion dollar monthly trade imbalances that would consume entire third World economies in a single month. America also began to decline and is now teetering on collapse.


I conclude by saying F "that". I call for Senator McConnell to pack his crap and leave Washington " As far as I am concerned, he can move to Taiwan or China, which his policies has favored so much over that of America`s economic and national security interest. I doubt if the folk in Texas would miss if George W. if he packed and went with McConnell. Newt Gingrich can pack up, and go to Mexico along with Bush, Sr. that presented NAFTA without fair labor, and fair trade provisions. Seriously, this trash has really created vast economic and national security concerns for America and America would have been much better off if none of them had ever held public office.


So, if the Occupy, Tea and Coffee Parties wish to really accomplish something. Got to Congress with your Mitch McConnell "PACK YOUR BAGS". This in my opinion would be the 1st step in helping President Obama move ahead with Real Change. You all have seen the arrogance and comments from Mitch McConnell all funded by screwing the American Taxpayers. Therefore, I say it is time to get rid Mitch McConnell the lead porkateer, and poorest policy maker since Newt Gringrich.


Thank you, God Bless, and keep up the fight to reclaim America.

Harvey Carroll, Jr.


PS: Kentucky Basketball fans should take a few seconds before every game to boo McConnell out of Kentucky