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Published:January 30th, 2012 11:26 EST

Michelle Obama's $50,000 Shopping Spree Story False: White House

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Michelle Obama has risked the wrath of cash-strapped Americans by indulging in a $50,000 shopping spree at Agent Provocateur.

The First Lady is better known for shopping at more modestly priced High Street brands. But along with the the Queen of Qatar, Sheikha Mozah, she closed off part of Madison Avenue to spend time in the luxury lingerie shop."



Ronald Reagan had a special connection with the American people, everybody from plumbers to politicians to lawyers responded to his warm engaging personality. But we had no soft sport in hour hearts for First Lady Nancy Reagan, she was perceived as being aloof and having too much of the country club in her.

Michelle Obama makes Nancy Reagan look as down home as a Waffle House waitress who greets every customer by name as soon as he or she enters the restaurant.

The First Lady has a permanent scowl on her face (yes I will go there), she is the embodiment of the stereotypical "angry black woman." It would behoove Michelle to soften her personality, and not act like the Queen Bee of the White House.

By the way, the angry black woman stereotype is patently false, in my life I have met very few African American women who are as haughty and arrogant as the First Lady.

It`s an outrage that in these hard economic times, when most Americans are struggling to make end meet, that Queen Bee Michelle Obama goes on a shopping spree with the Queen of Qatar.

Madison Avenue was closed off so that Michelle could buy $50,000 worth of lingerie without having to mingle with the great unwashed. Barack Obama may be the only one who is happy with Michelle`s expensive tastes in lingerie, but the rest of us are fuming.

Why didn`t the Occupy Movement attempt to occupy the Agent Provocateur luxury lingerie shop? Why am I just about the only liberal railing against the First Lady?

Michelle Obama, may or may not look good in a pair of sexy Agent Provocateur panties ( I will keep my opinion to myself), but this fiasco doesn`t make her or her husband look good. As they say, the optics are bad. Even if the amount that Michelle spent turns out to be less than the $50,000 reported by the UK publications, she should never have walked into such a symbol of mindless consumerism.

American women who buy their intimate apparel at Wal-Mart will remember Michelle`s "let them eat cake" attitude when it comes time to vote this November.

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The Telegraph, The Sun and The Daily Mail claim that first lady Michelle Obama spent $50,000 at a New York City lingerie boutique some time last year. The reports say that Michelle Obama closed off part of Agent Provocateur, located on Madison Avenue in the Manhattan section of New York, with Sheikaha Mozah, the Queen of Qatar.

After the report surfaced, Kristina Schake, Michelle Obama`s director of communications, told multiple outlets the story is "100 percent false."

USA Today

Robert Paul Reyes and The SOP apologize for being one of many Web sites that published this story.