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Published:January 30th, 2012 12:20 EST

Should Eating Be Banned In New York City Subways?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A state lawmaker from New York City is pushing legislation to ban eating in the subways in an effort to help cut down on the city`s rat problem.

The bill, proposed by state Sen. Bill Perkins, D-Manhattan, stipulates that anyone caught eating in the subway gets a $250 fine, the New York Post reported Sunday."



Some folks wouldn`t know etiquette from a discarded cigarette pack tossed on the street. I`m sure there are some yahoos who eat fried chicken and fries and leave the bones on the subway floor, splatter ketchup all over the place, clean their greasy hands on the seats, and let out a loud fart for good measure. There will always be rats, and there will always be inconsiderate jerks who don`t have any manners.

But it would be unfair to ban eating in the subways, most folks are considerate of their fellow passengers, and discreetly eat a snack without leaving an ungodly mess.

A lot of New Yorkers are so busy that the only time they can enjoy a meal is on the subway.

Politicians always seek to create new laws, even if they are unneeded and unwise. We don`t need a law banning eating in the subways, but we do need the transit cops to enforce the law against littering.

Enjoying a yummy snack on the subway is a thoroughly civilized thing to do.

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