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Published:January 31st, 2012 11:36 EST
40-day-long Chilai -e- Kalan Increasing Bone Fractures in Kashmir

40-day-long Chilai -e- Kalan Increasing Bone Fractures in Kashmir

By SOP newswire2

Srinagar: During the 40-day-long Chilai -e- Kalan (coldest period of winter), valley witnessed sub-zero temperature minus 7.8 coldest in 16 years. The heavy snowfall and severe cold disturbed normal life in the valley. People faced many inconveniences due to road blockade and scarcity of other essential commodities in the Valley. 

Whereas, the influx of patients increases in every hospital of the valley during Chilai -e- Kalan, though more than 7,000 injured patients attended (OPD) and more than 600 patients were admitted in Indoor Patient Department of Bone and Joint Hospital, Barzulla, Srinagar. 

When this correspondent talked to the patients at the Bone and Joint Hospital. Aasha Begum,40, said, "last week I was travelling in a sumo from Berwa, Budgam, suddenly the vehicle slipped on an icy road and met with an accident." She got a major injury in her left arm and several small injuries. 

According to the doctors in the Hospital, "In our unit three out of ten patients were injured due to the slip on frozen icy road. In Chilai -e- Kalan the inflow of patients was very high, even from far-off areas of the valley."  

Another patient, Mohammad Akbar Sheikh of south Kashmir`s Anantnag district Shangas said that during Chilai -e- Kalan he was going to the market when he slipped on a frozen road, his right leg fractured. He also stated that "the road was not properly cleared, machines used to clear snow left few inchs thick, which causes the slipafter freezing,"  Sheikh added. 

While heavy snowfall snapped all road and air links left the valley cut off from the outside world for days, several rural pockets remained cut off due to road blockade. 

An attendant, Waseem Abdhulla, 28, of Anathnag said, "We were ignored for weeks, no one came to clear the roads even in main town vehicles were struggling to move properly, we faced many inconveniences as essential commodities was not available for weeks." 

After 16 years valley witnessed heavy snowfall and a harsh Chilai -e- Kalan, though authorities claimed that they have done yeoman`s service, yet people complained many inconveniences from every corner of the valley. 

"Authorities have to think outside the box to overcome such harsh periods in winter season and do not let people suffer and face inconveniences due to the essential supplies and road blockage," Abdullah said. (AIP News) 

By Is`haq Bhat

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