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Published:January 31st, 2012 16:32 EST
Champion Female Fighter Challenges Newt Gingrich to Cage Match

Champion Female Fighter Challenges Newt Gingrich to Cage Match

By SOP newswire2

Female cage fighter Babe Ruthless, champion fighter from the Saturday Night Pillow Fights league issued a challenge to GOP front runner Newt Gingrich. The challenge you ask? To step into the cage and fight her. The wager? If she wins, he drops out of the race.

Ruthless is featured winning the championship over fellow fighter Fallen Angel in the DVD  Saturday Night Pillow Fights that was released last Friday. The DVD has been gaining popularity since its release and is looking to attract a national and international distributor soon. It is currently available through the website and Amazon.

Saturday Night Pillow Fights is a newly formed lingerie league that pits girl on girl cage fighting action. Instead of striking each other with fists, they use pillows to hit and work their way in to perform submissions and take downs.

Asked why she issued the challenge, Babe stated I don`t want some shady lobbyist running my beloved country. I am sick of all these special interest politicians passing laws to benefit companies. It`s not for the people, of the people anymore; it`s for the wallet, of the wallet.

Asked why not challenge Obama, Babe said Hey, after his presidency is over, I am more than willing to take him to the mat and show him rawhide truth and real chain link patriotism. But for now, he is our President and although I may not agree with his stand on some of the issues, as an American, I will respect our Commander in Chief.

She went on when asked how she would win the match with Newt Gingrich It would be over in 30 seconds. "I would come out with an onslaught of pillow hits, and then when he covers up I would shoot in and drop him. From there it would just be a simple choke out, but I am sure he would tap as soon as the door on the cage got locked and he saw the rage in my eyes." 

Babe went on I am sick of all these fat cat, greedy, war mongering politicians running the country I love. The country I want to live in and die in. Lobbying has got way out of hand. It seems like every politician in Washington is or was in someone`s pocket that has an agenda in Washington. Cheney with Haliburton is a good example.

Saturday Night Pillow Fights is a fight league following the trend of lingerie sports. For more information go to Their last event is available through Amazon on DVD.

For more information contact

Disclaimer....Saturday Night Pillow Fights is not affiiated, in any way, with WWF, UFC, or Girls Gone Wild


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