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Published:November 3rd, 2014 17:51 EST
Judyth Piazza Prepares for Saturday Night Pillow Fight?

Judyth Piazza Prepares for Saturday Night Pillow Fight?

By Ricky Paparazzi


It looks like Piazza`s at it again.  Last time I checked in on `The Italian American Oprah` she was talking about moving to Houston TX. 

Recently, when I was in Vero Beach, Florida visiting friends, I ran into Judyth Piazza at Miracle Boxing Academy where she was training with professional boxer, Dat Nguyen, who himself is preparing for a televised fight in Vegas sometime this month.  Miracle Boxing Academy is owned and operated by Nguyen and opened to the public 6 days a week from 4 p.m.-9 p.m. Eastern.

This in itself is not that big of a surprise because Piazza has been a fan of the Sweet Science for several years. What is a surprise is that she recently interviewed Rick Hills and Mike Neider, creators of Saturday Night Pillow Fights.

Saturday Night Pillow Fights is a new sport that is going viral and sweeping the nation. The new league is quickly gaining popularity with its mix of raw beauty, tremendous fight techniques, and colorful characters.  Hill and Neider have enlisted the help of Chuck Lamb, `The Dead Body Guy` and some of MMA`s top fighters to teach these brawling beauties how to lay the smack-down.

Could Piazza be preparing for a career change?  Does she plan to be the marquis fighter in the fledgling sport of professional pillow fighting? These are all questions that remain to be answered.  However, Ricky Paparazzi thinks that something is a-rye. Why would Piazza be training with pro-fighters and smoozing fight promoters unless she was preparing to dust a few debutants.

Stay tuned and R[i]cky Paparazzi will keep you updated on the trials and tribulations of "The Italian American Oprah."

For more information on Dat and Miracle Boxing Academy, Vero Beach, FL visit

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