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Published:January 31st, 2012 23:27 EST
Super Bowl Party Clean-up Tips

Super Bowl Party Clean-up Tips

By SOP newswire2

Super Bowl is great for fan and non-fan alike, the commercials are always a talker,  but the mess from the party.... it`s just a mess that needs cleaning up.  Most of it can be trashed or recycled, but if the furniture is messed up, that can call for an expensive game plan.

So here are the top four ways Super Bowl parties trash your furniture and suggestions for cleaning it up.  

1)      INK: Your buddy uses a marker to write down all the wagers in the scoring pool. Except the number 12.... gets written on the couch.
DON`T use dish soap or hair spray to remove the marks.  The degreasing agents in dish soap can permanently de-gloss and damage the top coating on the leather surface. Hair spray has alcohol in it and will ruin the surface coating on your leather.
DO use a soft sponge and specialized leather cleaner. Buy it at most leather furniture retailers " but for serious problems your local Fibrenew franchise can help.

2)      FOOD OR WINE STAIN: Your brother-in-law eats an entire pizza and drops a greasy cheese and his fifth glass of wine on your leather loveseat.
DON`T use window/mirror cleaner because it contains alcohol which will dissolve and destroy the surface coating on your leather.
DO use a damp towel to wipe up the mess and a dry one to finish the job.  Fully-finished leather is pretty much water proof, so a little spill isn`t going to hurt as long as you clean up quickly before it soaks through.

3)      ANIMAL SCRATCHES AND PICKS:  The dog gets scared when the crowd cheers for a big play and jumps onto the couch. The nails dig in and provide extra leverage.
DON`T touch up the spots with shoe polish because it makes an ugly, sticky mess.
DO try to reduce the visibility of the problem by snipping off the cotton interior strands that often get pulled out when leather gets picked. DO use a hair dryer and massage minor scratches with leather cleaner to try to rub it out.  Call a professional to fix larger scratches and holes - this is not a DIY kind of job.

 4)      BURNS AND DISCOLORATION: The victory cigars are great, except for the ashes falling on the couch.
DON`T try to rub it out and blend it with the surrounding area, you`ll only make the problem bigger.
DO bring in some help. When leather or faux leather gets damaged by heat, the only solution is to call in a professional. Regardless of size, a professional repair can make that burn look brand new and can be done on the spot in your own home. 

There are several types of leather, and the following tips apply to all fully-finished leather, which makes up 85 percent of the leather market. 

On behalf of Fibrenew,

Photo Credit: WikiMedia Commons