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Published:February 1st, 2012 12:59 EST

Crazy Old Coot Moves Ambulance: It Was Blocking His Vehicle

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Police in Tennessee said they arrested a man who allegedly tried to move an ambulance on an emergency call because it was blocking his car.The crew found Warren Melamed, 65, preparing to move the ambulance and were able to stop him, police said. Melamed told police he became angry when he saw the ambulance was blocking his car so he decided to move it out of his way."



We all know a grumpy old man like Melamed, you know the old coot who yells at the kids to get off his lawn, and leaves junk on the street in front of his house so nobody can park there.

But this old goat takes the cake, he`s the epitome of selfishness. I`m sure he didn`t need to drive his car, he just couldn`t stand the thought of his vehicle being blocked.

You`d think that at his advanced age this old dude would have learned to be patient by now. If he`d only have waited a couple of minutes the ambulance would have been gone -- ambulances never sit on the same spot very long.

Melamed was charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle. I hope that he`s sentenced to jail, and that when he returns home he finds kids playing a game of football on his front lawn, and a car parked in front of his house.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org