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Published:February 1st, 2012 11:39 EST
Syria is Already in Civil War

Syria is Already in Civil War

By Harvey Carroll, Jr.


The only option is for Assad to step down and call for Elections


I respect and value the great attention that American Secretary of State Secretary Hillary Clinton, as well as Ambassador Susan Rice has giving to try to prevent "Civil War" in Syria. I am also proud of their efforts in working with global partners, which has led to Iran accepting the U.N./IAEA Weapons Inspectors into Iran to prevent War.


Secretary Clinton and Ambassador Rice have a tough job at times. They have rarely grandstanded; in fact, they have taken a back seat to the Arab League and other regional Geopolitical participants and allowed them to try to come to a regional solution to prevent Civil War within Syria...


From day one, I tried to be a voice of reason and have favored "Diplomatic Delegations." I even went against many of our American Diplomats and asked that Assad have a chance to be proactive and constructive. I strongly believed that Assad, which was respected and supported by a great number of his citizens, as was Gadhafi in Libya, would not go down the same destructive paths.


I am a political junkie with a fairly vast track record in making constructive suggestions that has benefited humanity. I perhaps set my hopes too high in President Assad. I think Russian monitors/Ambassadors did the same. The Russian monitors believed in Assad leadership as well; however, Assad has also let them down and has offered nothing to prove to Russia, myself or the World that is watching the violence escalate that he is in any way, shape or form being proactive and/or constructive in preventing violence in his country.


Assad has held firm and maintained his blame game accusations that America and the West is responsible for his failed leadership. Assad failed in the faith that I put in his leadership abilities and he failed Russia and the World, just as he failed his citizens. Assad has clearly chosen violence, as opposed to welcoming assistance and the call for Elections by the Arab League to allow the people to decide and to give them a real voice.


Russian Diplomats have publically stated that a U.N. Resolution for President Assad to step down would resort into Syria going into a Civil War. I do not think that there is any denying that any Russia Ambassador monitoring the situation in Syria would not recognize that Syria is already in a Civil War. I think that the Arab League, Human Rights organizations that have been monitoring the citation would deny that Syria has already fallen into Civil War.


I think we all clearly see that Assad chose internal violence over that of simple reforms. Assad did not welcome citizen involvement in the policymaking process and chose oppression over participation. Leadership should always recognize this basic Universal Human Right " of citizens to peacefully voice their concerns. I think it is a no brainer that Peaceful citizens should not be ran down the same streets that their taxpaying funds pay for either, while just trying to voice themselves.


President Assad chose violence over reforms and peace in his country. Assad has held firm in playing the blame game over "Diplomatic Delegations" which have tried to help him and the citizens of his nation in a constructive way... This has created vast hardships on the Syrian people and the World does not like to see such cruelty and lack of disregard for peaceful citizens trying to voice their selves.


I see no other way to deal with the "Civil War" situation in Syria other than to ask him to step down, and have elections. I agree with the Arab League that this will stop the violence and allow citizens to rise up, and have a say within their government " Perhaps Assad is still popular enough to be elected President, but there will be a great many others elected that will represent the citizens many concerns.


The other path is all out "Civil War" and the Russians will surely Veto any U.N. Resolution that will give the opposition the ability to engage in a Fair Fight. Assad`s regime has purchased billions of dollars worth of Arms from Russia over the years; however, Darwinism where the strongest survives, over that of Democracy " would be an injustice in the eyes of the United Nations and the World. Assad stepping down and calling for elections is the best and most peaceful solution.


Thank you and May God have mercy on the people of Syria


Photo Credit: WikiMedia Commons