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Published:February 2nd, 2012 10:59 EST
Global Economic Reform Based on The Fabrication of Infrastructure and Money

Global Economic Reform Based on The Fabrication of Infrastructure and Money

By Harvey Carroll, Jr.

American/Global Economic Reforms Fabricating Infrastructure Money from thin air, just as Jesus turned water into wine...


My suggestion is that Money is Money, or is it just an Illusion? I have studied money and baking, finance and have built multi-million dollar subdivisions by creating money from thin air millionaire. Therefore, money is a bit of an allusion; therefore, I say, Governments can create more `In God we Trust` money, just as Jesus turned Water into Wine.


Here is a great draft "Comprehensive Plan" that helps each and every city turn a written plan into money from thin air. These draft Comprehensive Plan`s if used can help spur growth and development in each community, city within the United States of America and every city throughout the World United Nations Global Reform Mandate.


Please note that this plan can be linked to every Government, Banking, City website throughout the World and easy downloadable via MS Excel for each community/city. Now that you have the link and can see the 25 page plan and how it could help your community/city, state and nation, I hope that you will take the time to read the rest of this letter.


I am writing this because it is very important to me and to the World`s survival. I think on a Global Level and have advised several Presidents and World Leaders, influenced the outcome of conflicts; thereby, saving millions of lives and affecting the economic fate of nations. For a long time now I have seen the elite and most powerful in the World become quite cruel and adopt policies that have countered my involvements in American/Global politics. I have seen wars of choice that cost many lives and the vastly drained of resources from hard working taxpayers during this perpetual wartime economy, which in turn created a major economic turndowns for America and the World.


Before, I go on I will share with you that I thought about running for President as I did in 2000 on the Reform Party platform. I wrote Ross Perot and several others looking for endorsements, but all appeared to be disheartened with the political system and only wished me well if I were to get in the race. I did not have the money, nor did I have the health as I had a Cancerous tumor the size of a grapefruit in my kidney, and had to have my kidney removed.


President of the United States of America. Why you may ask? Well, it is because I knew I could make a difference as I have all my life. I knew that I could create new jobs here in the United States of America and as a Global Leader do so throughout the World. I requested a variety of high profile political official`s endorsement and/or blessing not out of great enthusiasm for the quest to be President, but due to my ordinary interest in the country, which is now in an extra ordinary economic citation. Folks like me and Ross Perot views on America foretold of most of the current economic problems that faces us today. I can only assume that Ross Perot`s simple best wishes in my race was that of reflection of his own race where he spent over 60 million dollars of his own money only to end the race people thinking he was crazy and a couple decades of Commissioned Congresses ignoring his economic warnings. Well, we are here and now have over 15 Trillion Dollars worth of Debt.


Even though, I wrote the Reform Party, which Perot told me he was no longer a part of and I can understand why as it has been hijacked by the mindsets that he opposed. The Tea Party also hijacked by those that undermined America`s economic national security. The Coffee Party with my facebook friend Annabel Park, and the Occupy Movements who has no real focus other than realizing there has to be change and wanting to complain about it. I did not bother writing Trump; however, I still value the letter he sent me back in 2000 as we discussing a possibility of a running together on the Reform Party. Trump don`t really have a clue of World politics, but has decent concepts, and with a bit of focus could really understand Trade and Commerce deals, and of course he clearly understand the building of infrastructure from his development experience as does my land development experience. I wrote a host of others, but most just wanted to complain as opposed to trying to make real changes. I guess this is why the rants and raves of Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich reach so many people. They put out BS, but offer no real solutions.


I have never had a lack of confidence or willingness to take on the task to educate the American people and/or to protect our economic and national security interest. In doing so, I have bucked heads with many powerful people. Yet, with my energy levels down, and so many people struggling it is not easy to rise above the noise and confusion to be able to share what I think could give the American people a voice in order to get us back on the right path of revitalizing America, enhancing our infrastructure, jobs and education.


I am a very strong believer in Ross Perot`s economic and Public Administration philosophies. In fact, I wrote him at a young age telling him that I wished I were old enough to run with him. He inspired me to become a more professional Public Administrator. I worked hard to obtain my Business and Political Credentials and experience to run our great Nation. I can assure you that when you combine my educational credentials, experience in economic revitalization and Commander n Chief/Presidential level Advisements you would have felt confident that I could have gotten America back on the right path if I had become a Presidential Candidate. I have no doubt that you would have seen me stand out compared to the silliness that you have watched over the past year and the ignorance that you have listened to in the Republican Debates.


My background in short consist of an undergraduate Business Degree Specializing in Real Estate and Finance along with several years of land development building mixed use retail centers and over 100 homes in several residential communities. I also did all I could do to assist the House and Senate Financial Services Committees, FDIC, and others prior to and during the economic downturn which I had envisioned and began proactive writings per Ross Perot`s warnings. My writings most likely led to the TARP plan in attempts to prevent the vast collapsing of the banks, such as in the 1930`s during the Great Depression, and within Soviet Union which I traveled to many times. I studied hard, and saw firsthand how devastating the lack of resources and economics could be. The vast deaths that can occur due to inaction, and the lack of sound economic and finance principles is just sad in today`s society. Running a country is not as simple as running a business, but they do have many kinships and a President must have these people advising him and/or possess these qualities himself. Not everyone`s mind operates as fast as mine, nor do they have the abilities that I have to be able to juggle many, many issues and complex situations at a time.


As I mentioned I did what I could to anticipate the American economic crises, even though it was not my job. I anticipated the possible collapse as we continued to have an Arms Race, which I called a Race with Russia to see who could go broke first. Russia just barely beat us and the Bush Administration did all they could do to catch up.


I have worked on local issues, influencing the development of Community Centers, Parks, Roads, Bridges, By-Passes, Revitalizing City Centers, the building of Industrial Parks and much more. On the State level I have influenced Reforms and Funding of Kentucky Education Reform Act that equalized educational funding throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky. On the National and International Level, well, we will get into that a bit later.


Being from Kentucky, and a huge basket ball fan, I decided to keep my plan simple and present a 3 Point Play 1+1+1. No 9,9,9 here that changes from day to day when Cain was jumping in between policy suggestions and lying about various concubines. I was writing a plan that would be simple and real.


(+1) Reducing Defense Spending on Special Interest, and Reducing the Trade Deficit by Presidential Executive Order and the structuring of Fair Trade Deals.


Reduce Defense Spending. Common Defense has lost its Commonsense. It is a fact, wars of choice has cost American nearly 40 Trillion Dollars, with a near 20 Trillion Dollar direct and quazi-direct Defense cost on conflict, then a 12 Trillion Dollar economic downturn in the economy, and added 11 Trillion Dollars worth of Debt to the American Taxpayer. It is silly to hear that the Iraq war only cost $806 Billion Dollars. The Commissioned Congress cannot do math when it comes to telling the American people the true cost of the War. The facts are that the Defense Budget nearly tripled from a bit over 350 billion in 2000, to more than 800 to 900 Billion today when you calculate in Overseas Contingencies and a bit of Quzi-Defense spending... The current Defense budget is a direct Taxpayer cost of 2.2 Billion a day, with only a fraction of that amount worth of oil imports from the Middle East. Obviously, not enough to justify such a huge expenditure, and I can show this via spreadsheets.


Our presence in the Middle East and manhunt for Osama Bin Laden was flawed from inception, as was the decision to go to Iraq based in lies and deceptions. Since I advised on organizing, and maintain the multi-national coalition during the 1st Gulf War I have the right to make this statement and I quickly went on record against a return to Iraq. I also wrote the United Nations, all of Congress and many mass media outlets voicing that I believed the UN Weapons Inspectors there were no WMD`s, and the Bush Administration was lying to justify a case for war.


Again, this war cost America about 40 Trillion Dollars, 20 Trillion Dollars direct and quazi-defense cost and created the economic downturn that cost more than 16 Trillion Dollars in FED restructured financing. In addition to being directly responsible for an 11 Trillion Dollars worth of new debt added to the American taxpayer backs, mostly owned to China due to Mitch McConnell and the Bush Administration undermining porkateering of Defense fund financing. Under Bush America`s National Debt went from a bit over 4 Trillion dollars worth of Debt when he took office in 2000, and now we have near 15 Trillion dollars worth of Debt that is keeping American/Global economy stagnate. Both Commissioned Congresses were parties were at the helm; and both parties are responsible for mismanagement. I would call for many of the Senior Congressmen and Women`s Resignation.


NOTE: American taxpayers have been spending nearly 1 Trillion dollars a year on Defense, with about ½ Trillion a year in the Middle East on Defense with only a fraction being returned in the form of Oil Imports and Trade and Commerce deals and there is a hell of a lot less peace with our flawed Peace Plan Policies. Also, I have issues of just how much we truly want Peace and Security for our Israeli allies when we spend so much money with Defense Contractors who make a profit in a Vamprical way. I have a `PEACE PARK` plan that would create real peace and prosperity and coexistence agreements between Israel and its neighbors.


Reduce Trade Deficit via Fair Trade Tariff`s and increased Trade and Commerce via better Trade Deals. I also hold three partial Masters Degrees (MBA, Masters of Public Administration, Diplomacy and International Commerce) as well as traveled to more than 40 States and over 40 Countries. I would for sure call for Senior Leadership in both parties to resign; especially, Senator McConnell who pushed many of the Appropriation bills that collected Trillions of Dollars worth of Chinese Debt Agreements. Many of which were due to Senator McConnell`s leadership and his own Taiwanese wife Elain Chao McConnell.


Chao as Labor Secretary that failed to favor American jobs and economic security, over that of Asian/Chinese Trade Deals. Under Bush, McConnell and Labor Secretary Chao the exportation of industry and jobs left America while she kept her job as the longest Serving Labor Secretary in History from 2001 to 2009 under the George W. Bush. Those Trade Deals and the Bush, Sr. and Newt Gingrich`s Republican Congress passed NAFTA, are still costing American Jobs and the American Economy with the exporting of our dollars at a cost of nearly 1Trillion Dollars a year. Imports could be doubled via a Tarrif and there would still be a trade Imbalance as $1 stores would $2 stores. Yet, those tariff`s would help reduce the overall cost and expenditures to the Federal Government and provide funds for infrastructure, shipping enhancement, and perhaps a bit State Owned Capitalism to build more Merchant Marine and/or lend/lease Commercial Cargo Export Ships.


As you can see these 1 Trillion a year Trade Imbalances due to undermining Commissioned Congresses are starting to add up. I see clearly, how American Taxpayers can save Trillions via Presidential leadership using sound economic and finance principles, that Ross Perot and others warned America about. I also think that the Tea, Coffee Party`s core supports, as well as the Occupy Wall Street core supporters see things the same way as Perot`s initial Reform Party. Together these political movements could build a real political coalition to become a real voice. Together we must reform the huge Tax Burdens that is undermining America and we must reform Wall Street to care for Main Street.


I feel confident that I can lead this economic coalition movement to get real reforms in Washington, Wall Street and in each and every Main Street in America. A no brainer look at this can see that a roll back to the 2000 Defense Budget would be a first start if we can adopt more constructive policies in the Middle East. I have been working hard to try and influence Iran to accept UN Weapons Inspectors to reduce the threat of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons. I have a solid record of accomplishment in dealing with Commander n Chief type decision making that far exceeds any of the other Presidential Candidates. Secondly, I would not advocate isolationism, as I believe in international trade and commerce as the best way to keep and expand jobs in America. Provided we are doing business with economies of scale and equal purchase power parity such as trade with both Western and Eastern Europe. Yet, we must find ways to develop trade and commerce with other nations that only have a $2,000 to $4,000 per capita income compared to the United States near $50,000 per capita income. A Trade and Commerce Commission must be established to penetrate low per capita income continents/Countries of Africa, India, Asia/China and some of the Eastern European Countries.


Therefore, I would immediately, sign a Presidential Executive Order adding tariffs on imports to established a more fair and balanced trade game (yes, you heard this from Romney, but I was circulating this letter long before he mentioned it and most of his views are so far off that he would be very ineffective). Forget the currency manipulator argument; I would take action under the Constitution via signing a Presidential Executive Order. This import tariff`s could be used to build and expand ports, rail and truck regional shipping to port facilities for all exportable products and services. I would also advocate for a portion of Defense funds to build great trade and commerce ships to compete with the State run Capitalism financing of shipping from China.


Now that we are near Bankrupt we have to make a decision. Either turn over the Keys and Ownership of the United States of America to our largest debt holder China; thereby, allowing our country to become the United States of China. Or we can buck up, call for resignations of the Commissioned Congress that put this debt load on the American Taxpayers, and come up with other ways to increase revenues, and reduce spending while funding priorities and creating jobs. A very tough situation and as we have seen the current President Obama has had difficulties in doing so, nor has he any support from those that for decades have created the damn problem such as Mitch McConnell. McConnell should pack his crap and leave Washington and perhaps move to Asia, which he has favored so much over American economic and national security.


(+1) Education. We have to get back to the basics. First and foremost I would call for a National Dress Code in Public Schools to cut out all the cute silliness and distractions, which has a tendency to come along with inappropriate and unprofessional attire. Second, I would call for the mass distribution of digital learning tools, and smart devices, and phones that would make it easier to standardize classroom education via the downloading of class by class smart book subjects in math, science, English/language studies, etc. I hate to brag but my son at 8 years old speaks three languages fluently and can do high school pre/algebra.


I would fund Education via a Penny for Your Thoughts. I would ask my Education Secretary to make this happen and happen quickly by encouraging All States to raise their sales tax by 1 cent and then reinvest it into their States Education Systems. NOTE, I would advocate for more Broadband Infrastructure and Wi-Fi Cities. I would also advocate the use of more affordable go phone type phone card products where communication is more affordable also.


NOTE: The Prison System will be converted to focus on education also, and more advanced vocational training with Prison Made Products exported in the form of International AID and Development such as Hati Homes that could be building via Prison labor panel homes and sold/leased in other countries via a form of economic AID. I would also look at how Prison produced products could be exported at a low cost to make a profit to fund Prisons.


+1) Commerce Department (Domestic Focus Division that goes along with your Opportunity Finance Network) Community by Community, City by City, State by State Comprehensive Planning. This is one of the best plans that I have ever seen. I redrafted this Comprehensive Plan into a workable plan that could be used in each community and city within the United States to create real growth and development. I do not buy into the statements that Government does not create jobs, because they can with real planning they can also cost jobs as we have seen with these bad trade deals and ramping up the American debt.


With Public Administrators, Mayors, County Judges, etc. tooling at this tool and working with citizen participation as opposed to asking special interest what is in this for me each community/city can revitalize, expand in many ways. Expand, via new connector roads, new by-passes, bridges, rail, industrial parks, parks, and so forth. All of which should be conceptualized with the thoughts of creating new growth and development be it industrial, retail, hotels, tourism, residential, apartments, mixed use, etc. This one cent should come from local Payroll Taxes. The funds must be escrowed in a Local Infrastructure Bank. Those funds can then be used to maximize the community/city development. Some of the funds can also be set aside as seed capital for direct leverage of grants and loans to help Small Businesses that will create growth and development.


I feel that I clearly understand the World and can build trade and commerce partners and allies. Thus, I feel capable of more than selling Americans and the World on a False Bill of Goods of fear. It is time for America and the World to get beyond the lost decade caused by fear and falsehoods and transpose our recourses growth and development. We must do it today, do it now by keeping a simple approach of not meticulous getting bogged down on the exactness and overanalyzing the need for growth and development, but instead clearly grasping and relaying key focus on optimistic American and Global overall growth and development concepts.

I have had some health issues, cancer survivor, but while in my recovery bed I had a strong work ethic and focused on a variety of issues and redrafted Comprehensive Planning tools, and participated in many National and International Affairs issues. It is sad to say, but I probably did more from my recovery bed, laptop and smart phone than most in Public Service today.

In conclusion, I would like to convey my love of Political Reform, as well as the love of Business and being involved in new and exciting Policy Making decisions makes the work seem quite effortless...


For nearly 30 years I have called, written, advised on local city development and revitalization, state education and economic issues, national economics, and even international issues and War Advisor that that has saved millions of lives and affected the economic fate of nations. While others my age were running off to their parent`s home and spending time out with their friends drinking, playing golf and the like I was developing my Commander n Chief level maturity and out of the box thinking to solve real issues. I have always been a big thinker and have the travels and experiences to be much more open to the realities of advanced business and Public Administration concepts that make real change and Diplomacy that build international partnerships and gain fair trade and commerce deals via tariffs and other Presidential means. My experience and background can bring back the devastated Real Estate market and the American Dream of Home Ownership.


I clearly understand finance, mortgage loans, and even the more advanced concepts of Real Estate Development and Commercial Capital Markets. I will assure you that my Administration would deal with this issue in many ways, from funding smaller homes, to funding vast new communities for retiring Government Workers in exchange for employee buyout programs to reduce Government payroll cost.


My experience more than qualifies me to be President of the United States and the Commander n Chief having dealt with a variety of Military operations, and conflicts (Panama, Somalia, 1st Gulf War, Libya (writing the Humanitarian Intervention Plan for U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations; however, I requested a Divide Libya Policy that would have saved tens of thousands of lives and prevented the mass War Immigration), Middle East Peace, influenced policies that helped create the Big Emerging Markets of Eastern Europe to open up economies of scale that would create more American Trade and Commerce jobs), etc. I know in my heart that IF. I had gotten into the Presidential Race that I could have given a voice to those that are tired of the two party systems. Those in the Tea and Coffee Party and Occupy Wall Street that see Government`s vast debt loads piled on by special interest buying the American Commissioned Congress and White House. I would ask that they join the Reform movement as Ross was right, and Reform is right and by joining us America can have real change.


Sincerely and respectfully,

Harvey Carroll, Jr.


PS: I have one last thought and words of warning. Prior to WWII the economy got much like it is today. The countries of that time began to become more isolated and put up too many barriers to trade and commerce, which put too many countries into economic hardships. There has to be a balance and understanding that nations are citizens of the world and have to give and take with fair trade. While the U.S. has a $50,000 per capita income and others less than $4,000 it is easy to take advantage of the United States consumer markets. Yet, reason must set in to realize that America has to protect its jobs and economic strength also.


How can we reform the Monetary System to allow smaller countries like America with high standards of living to assist in the support of nearly a billion people in countries like China, India or Africa? It is tough as we have few cities and markets that we can penetrate. Therefore, we have to reform this in some way.


Secondly, as nearly All countries especially in the Euro Zone faces many of the same challenges as the United States and face huge debt problems how can we be proactive in dealing with this to prevent the vast economic pressures that led to WWII?


My suggestion is that Money is Money, or is it just an Illusion? I have studied money and baking, finance and have built multi-million dollar subdivisions by creating money from thin air millionaire. Therefore, money is a bit of an allusion; therefore, I say, Governments can create more In God we Trust money, just as Jesus turned Water into Wine.


Global Government instead of fighting over basic resources as things get tougher can come to an agreement whereby, they PRINT an annual amount of State Owned Money to build infrastructure within their communities, cities, States and Nation. I did not say Defense Funds and/or fund projects that bring fear to the World. I said Infrastructure Funding; Money that can be leveraged with Capitalistic Principles to stabilize Government Growth as well as maintain and enhance infrastructure of roads, jobs and education. Perhaps look at building new cities using a bit of this guy`s ideas "The Venus Project" and this more lengthy part 1 and part 2. In addition they have a website.


Photo Credit: WikiMedia Commons