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Published:February 3rd, 2012 13:35 EST
Does Valentines Day Rock or Does it Suck?

Does Valentines Day Rock or Does it Suck?

By SOP newswire2

Are you one of those people who considers Valentines Day one of their favorite holidays? Do you love sending cards out to your loved ones, having a romantic dinner with your sweetheart, and decorating your house with conversation hearts? Even though you are single, you still love the holiday so much because you get to watch cheesy chick flicks with all your best girl friends and eat lots of chocolate?

That may be true for some people, but there are also a great deal of individuals out there who truly despise this so-called "Hallmark holiday". Whether you have been dumped before on a previous V-day, start to feel very lonely and/or depressed, or you just can`t stand the fact you feel obligated to buy your spouse gifts to prove you love them (even though you tell them daily)- there is something about this day that irks you.

Regardless of your sentiment towards this holiday, I can guarantee you that you aren`t alone in your feelings. Check out this infographic to see the main things people (both single & tied down) love about Valentines day, as well as the things people hate about it.

Now, if you are already a bit bitter about having to pay an arm & a leg for flowers for your sweetie ( because it is of course expected), make your self feel a little better by using a 1800 Flowers Coupon code.

I would love to know how you guys feel, does Valentines Day rock or does it suck?

Cheap Sally Valentines Day either Rocks or Sucks Infographic with 1800 Flowers Coupon code