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Published:February 3rd, 2012 13:15 EST
War in Middle East and Defence Contracts Leave UK Exposed

War in Middle East and Defence Contracts Leave UK Exposed

By SOP newswire2

Are MPs mandated to support Israel? 

Probably not, because then we would be colluding in the illegal settlement of 500,000 Israelis on occupied land in an attempt to frustrate the international consensus for a Palestinian state to house the majority indigenous people of the region.  

The British people know injustice when they see it, and the actions of the Netanyahu government in blockading Gaza for five years in a failed attempt to effect the regime change of a democratically elected government; in violating UN resolutions and in the forced eviction of hundreds of Arab families from their homes in East Jerusalem, is both illegitimate and immoral. 

Jerusalem, the Holy City for Muslims and Christians as well as Jews, is an international city by order of the United Nations. The West Bank and East Jerusalem are occupiedArab lands. The Zionist movement has no legal or moral right for thisexpropriation which is a violation of international law and the will of theUnited Nations. 

Any British MP who decides, for whatever reason, either political or personal, to support Israel iillegal settlement, that will inevitably lead to war in the Middle East, would need to first examine their conscience and, before colluding in such action,should first obtain a specific mandate from their constituency. 

War in the Middle East will not be advantageous to Britain, to Europe or to the world " but it could well lead to the use of nuclear weapons by Israel and the subsequent chain of events, which although cannot be forecast, would be catastrophic.  Israel is already estimated by the FAS to have secretly built between 200 and 400 nuclear warheads, all uninspected by the IAEA. 

Every MP, be they Conservative, Labour or Liberal Democrat, should support the movement to make the Middle East a Nuclear Weapons Free Zone, which includes both Israel and Iran.  Instead of which, MPs allow Israeli military agencies to continue to enter into contracts with the MoD leaving the UK exposed to the Israeli political agenda.  This is a very dangerous policy, indeed.

By Douglas Reed

Douglas Reed is a Human Rights Activist, Durban, S Africa - campaigning for a Nuclear Weapons Free Middle East

© Douglas Reed, February 2012