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Published:February 4th, 2012 18:01 EST
Economic Powerhouse America Spreads Its Influence on Africa and other 3rd World Nations

Economic Powerhouse America Spreads Its Influence on Africa and other 3rd World Nations

By Harvey Carroll, Jr.


America expanding economic influence into Africa, and other Developing Nations


I strongly believe Africa can develop in a much more constructive way with America`s USAID Assistance. Yet, the West has to get over the `National Geographic` version of Africa, and realize that Africa has nearly 1 billion people, and that Africa has many great cities and vast opportunities for American trade and commerce.


Africa on the other hand has to get over the thoughts that the West/America is only there to exploit Africa, when in actuality we are there like anywhere else to do business, and protect our investments. Africa needs to realize that the Western Europeans, and America, has had a very constructive influence on the development of their economy, and the development of their cities for generations via trade and commerce. We can do much more in the future via more Comprehensive Planning I will discuss in this paper.


America and Europe have a near $50,000 per capita income (PCI) as compared with Africa, which has (about $1,000 PCI with a few regions about 1/10th of the American PCI), India also (about $1,000 PCI), and China (about $4,000 PCI). Africa, China and India each have over 1 Billion people, and statistics as well as World Bank predictions all countries will continue to have very low PCI`s for decades to come. Due to their huge populations Africa, India, China, they will also have a rise in a Middle Class Consumer that can purchase American Export Products, in a much more Fair Trade Economy of Scale " type trading. This will be essential as America increases tariffs in the future to balance its trade deficit with these countries. Yet, there will still be great trade and commerce opportunities with America trading with Africa, India, China and so forth.


Unfortunately, as America struggles to reduce its trade imbalance with these countries dumping vast amounts of goods into the American Consumer Markets the Developing Nations will have economic difficulties. Yet, we can be proactive and deal with America, the European Union and the Global Crises puts more stress on the Developing Nations. The solution is quite simple and quite necessary as it deals with the Local Level growth and development and the construction of infrastructure.


The solution will come in the form of training more Professional Public Administrators and getting local level citizens involved. I strongly feel that America should continue USAID funding; however, that funding must joint venture with the United Nations Development Program and focus more on influencing Technical Comprehensive Planning " such as this draft United Nations Global Reform Mandate to conduct city by city Comprehensive Planning.


Comprehensive Planning and an open door policy to the West will increases local development, and attract Public-Private-Partnerships and the cooperation of Engineers, Builders, Investors/Land Developers, and Capital Markets from around the world to enhance local economies, build Industrial Parks, Rail, Roads, and other viable Infrastructure via Projects via Public-Private-Partnerships based on sound economic and finance principles.


As Africa and other developing nations gain success city by city, their nations and others around the World, gain value and can meet the needs of their citizens. Global Trade and Commerce opportunities will continue to feed, clothe and shelter citizens in more civilized way and with American type construction standards for TOWN HOMES, FLATS, AND COMMERCIAL, RETAIL, HOTEL, AND OFFICE...


Thank you and I hope to see more citizen involvement in the Professional Public Administration process of creating growth and development, and I hope my Comprehensive Planning tools help achieve this.


Harvey Carroll, Jr.


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