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Published:February 4th, 2012 13:15 EST

Theft Of Frozen Fetus Leads To Gang Fight Of Epic Proportions

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The theft of a frozen fetus from a young couple`s home sparked a wild gang brawl in New Zealand, police sources told Friday`s Taranaki Daily News.

The miscarried 12-week-old fetus was stolen last year from a freezer, where it was being kept ahead of a burial ceremony, at the property in New Plymouth on the country`s North Island."



I can understand the theft of a large screen TV sparking a wild gang brawl, but a frozen fetus? Really? I bet that at the conclusion of the burial of a frozen fetus, they top things off by engaging in a gang brawl.

Two prim and proper ladies were arguing over who was to blame for the theft, when random gangtas who were drinking nearby decided to join the fray, sparking a Battle Royale.

The gang bangers were members of the notorious Black Power Gang, they would seem more frightening if they called themselves The Frozen Fetus Gang.

If I see two fey gentleman engaged in a slap fight, I run away afraid I may get sucked into the fight. Apparently thugs have a different mindset, they enjoy entropy and chaos. Not my cup of tea, I`m too much of a gentleman, scholar and coward.

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