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Published:February 5th, 2012 10:21 EST
Arab Spring Turns to Arab Winter: When Will Russia and China Support The Arab League?

Arab Spring Turns to Arab Winter: When Will Russia and China Support The Arab League?

By Harvey Carroll, Jr.

"Deplomacy" and White Paint can meet, and exceed the Arab Spring and Arab Winter protest goals and expectations    

"Deplomacy" a hybrid term that combines Defense and Diplomacy, and a bit of White Paint can aid in the transition from Dictatorship, Military to Civilian Control. The United Nations is the highest Diplomacy organization that deals in the Art of Diplomacy and they can be the vessel to which Arab Spring, and Arab Winter Dictatorships and Military Rule can shift more quickly to constructive and progressive Civilian Control of the Military...

We have seen in the Arab Spring and now Arab Winter that Diplomacy has aided in the process of relieving Dictators of the rule; however, this has allowed Military regimes to take their place in transition in Egypt. A great number of new Citizen Representatives have entered into the halls of Government; however, the transition from the Dictatorship shifted its power to the Military. The Military is now reluctant in giving up that power citing that Marshall Law is required to try to maintain order and transition to Civilian Control of the Military. Therefore, Egypt is in a paradigm and does not know how to transition, nor what ways are best to make that the change to Civilian Control.

I think that the United Nations should assume temporary control of the Egyptian Military. The United Nations should simple call a meeting and ask that the Military become a Peaceful Presence in Egypt. The Military should paint all their Military Vehicles white and add UN on the side of those Vehicles and a location identifier such as the first three letter of the city they are from or local commander`s phone number. This would clearly make all vehicles identifiable as UN vehicles and show the intent to be a Peaceful Presence in Egypt. If they violated the Peaceful Presence then those Vehicle Operators could be held responsible.

This same concept may be possible in Syria if the U.N. Security Council amends its activities in asking Al-Assad to step down and hold Elections. Elections will obviously turn the country over to the Military and a long drawn out transition period could occur as we have seen in Egypt. This of course has led to a return to the streets in protest and of course more violence, more loss of economic opportunities and less people wanting to visit; thereby, devastating the tourism, trade and commerce economy of Egypt.

With the United Nations assuming the command of the Military during a reasonable transition period for those that wish to engage in Elections. The United Nations could share technical Comprehensive Planning tools that would allow the new Public Administrators  that wish to assume the duties and responsibilities of Public Office to begin sharing those ideas and plans with their constituents via sound economic and finance principles per the "Comprehensive Planning" tools such as this draft United Nations Global Reform Mandate suggestion....

The United Nations assuming control of the Military in Egypt and in Syria would allow for Professional Public Administrators to assume responsibilities over that of Strong-Men that seek to Strong-Arm their way into power over that of Professional Public Administration that has been lacking and has been needed in these countries for such a long time. The lack of Professional Public Administrators has led to the people going to the Streets during the Arab Spring and now in the Arab Winter.

Deplomacy is what will be needed to keep peace and prosperity in focus in the Arab Spring and Winter movements... Deplomacy transitioning into Civilian Control will allow order to be restored more quickly and will open up vast new economic opportunities in each and every community, city and region within these failed states. With rapid and reasonable transition, there will be great Public-Private-Partnership opportunities and Joint Ventures available in all areas of these states. New Infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, bypasses, ring roads, revitalization of Cities, as well as new City expansion projects in key areas. Perhaps even larger and much bolder project such as building new cities in such as the visionary the "The Venus Project" and this more lengthy part 1 and part 2. In addition, they have a website.

United Nations Deplomacy will allow the military to fall under the UN for a short time and transition under a Peaceful Presence as Elections are held, and Civilian Control of the Military is assumed. All while Professional Public Administrators gain valuable knowledge to make real and progressive change to their communities, cities, state and nation.

In closing, I wish the best to those that have participated in the Arab Spring and Arab Winter and hope that these "Professional Public Administrator" tools will help aid in achieving your goals as opposed to the rise of more Strong-Man Military Dictatorships.

Thank you, and may God Bless you all

Harvey Carroll, Jr.

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