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Published:February 5th, 2012 12:01 EST

Outrageous Video: Gay Bishop Eddie Long Declared King In Profane Ceremony

By Robert Paul Reyes

"In a video that has gone viral, Eddie Long is named king by Ralph Messer, a self-described messianic rabbi from Colorado. As part of the ceremony, which has been roundly condemned, Long is wrapped in what is purported to be a 312-year-old Torah scroll. The video also shows him, while seated in a chair, being carried around the stage of his New Birth Missionary Baptist Church to the joy of an obviously enraptured congregation."


LA Times

"Long was the focus of Senate investigations concerning whether he has personally profited from his church`s tax exempt status and lawsuits alleging s[e]xual relations with underage male members of his parish. Long has denied wrongdoing through his attorneys and has settled the lawsuits out of court."


The last time time the g[a]y Bishop made the news was a couple of months ago when he stepped down from the pulpit in disgrace after his long-suffering wife filed for divorce.

The good Bishop is short on humility and introspection, but he thrives in excess and adulation. I`m not surprised that the g[a]y Bishop is back in a big way, as King of the Jews? Although, the self-loathing homophobic g[a]y minister would prefer to be crowned a queen.

As part of the faux ceremony the "man of God" was carried in a chair/throne around the stage of his church to the wild applause of his congregation. If Eddie Long declared that he was the incarnation of Jesus Christ, his deluded followers would praise him and shower him will dollar bills.

This ridiculous and profane spectacle isn`t going to restore the g[a]y minister`s reputation. Long will still be known as the pastor who coerced four young men of his congregation into having s[e]x with him, and as the con artist who has bilked millions from his flock.

There is no Jewish ceremony in which a person is wrapped in a Torah scroll and proclaimed to be a King. Ralph Messer and Eddie Long should take their show on the road. Messer and Long are great showmen, but an embarrassment to their respective faiths.


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