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Published:February 6th, 2012 11:49 EST

Hero Cops Use Taser On Moron Blocking McDonald's Drive-Through

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Deputies used a Taser on a woman who wouldn`t surrender to them after she cut into a McDonald`s drive-through line and then refused to move her car without being served, according to the Cumberland County Sheriff`s Office.


Evangeline Marrero Lucca, 37, of the 100 block of Snow Hill Church Road, pulled up to the window of the McDonald`s on Legion Road, near Black and Decker Road, on Friday afternoon and held up the line for about 20 minutes before deputies arrived, said Debbie Tanna, a Sheriff`s Office spokeswoman."

Fay Observer

I`m surprised there aren`t more instances of drive-through rage. Folks are so impatient, they expect that as soon as they place their orders, Ronald McDonald will sprint to their car with their order.

When a hungry customer is told by a drive-through clerk to please park to the side and someone will bring him his order, he`s ready to pop a cork. People don`t understand that sometimes it gets real busy, and they will have to wait longer than usual for their food.

Lucca thought that she was Queen of McDonald`s, and she didn`t give a hoot that she was holding up the line. Cops wasted twenty minutes trying to convince this moron to to get out of her car. Finally three officers tried to forcibly remove her from her car, they were forced to tase her to make her compliant.

We don`t live in a perfect world, and not everybody responds to logic and reason. Sometimes police officers have to resort to force, and sometimes citizens have to do the same. I`m not suggesting that you tase an overweight woman who is in front of you in line and is taking forever to decide how many Big Mac`s she wants to devour, although it`s mighty tempting. But if a burglar breaks into your home, common sense dictates that you do your reasoning with a shotgun.

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