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Published:February 6th, 2012 17:59 EST
Movement to Make the Middle East a Nuclear Weapons Free Zone

Movement to Make the Middle East a Nuclear Weapons Free Zone

By SOP newswire2

Every legislator of every democratic country should support the movement to make the Middle East a Nuclear Weapons Free Zone, and that specifically applies to both Israel and Iran.   

Instead of which, we continue to allow our governments to enter into defence contracts with Israeli military agencies: sensitive contracts that are essential to our national security there by allowing our electorates to be exposed to the extreme political agenda of Israel`s governing Likud party.   

That agenda includes the specific denial of any Palestinian state in the West Bank, Gaza or East Jerusalem by the illegal settlement of 500,000 Israelis on occupied Arab land, in direct violation of international law andthe will of the UN General Assembly.  This is an agenda that will lead to war. 

Israel is now estimated to have secretly built an undeclared nuclear weapons arsenal that exceeds the size of that of the UK, under the cloak of a clandestine policy of so-called "nuclear ambiguity`.  This places the whole of Europeat a dangerous military and strategic disadvantage. 

In future years we will look back in amazement at the naivety and credulity of our governments, particularly in Britain and the EU.

By Douglas Reed

Douglas Reed is a Human Rights Activist, Durban, S Africa - campaigning for a Nuclear Weapons Free Middle East