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Published:February 7th, 2012 12:07 EST

'Saturday Night Pillow Fights': DVD Review By Robert Paul Reyes

By Robert Paul Reyes

The Girls Gone Wild (GGW) franchise, created by Joe Francis is a wildly successful video series that captures girls gone wild. The GGW camera crew trolls events, like spring break and Mardi Gras, where there`s an abundance of scantily-clad young women. The GGW goons convince drunk girls to expose their bodies for the camera, in exchange for expensive swag like a GGW cap. Several women have filed suit against Francis for filming them while underage, with one girl claiming she was only 13 when she was videotaped.


Joe Francis is a slime ball who exploits women, and no refined gentleman would buy one of his tapes.But a knight in shining armor, Rick Hills has come to the rescue with the "Saturday Night Pillow Fights" franchise:

"A new sport is going viral, Saturday Night Pillow Fights. This new league is quickly gaining popularity with its mix of raw beauty, tremendous fight technique, and colorful characters.

This isn`t your girl`s sleep-over pillow tussle, it`s an all-out battle in an MMA octagon. Throw in the fact that these beautiful fighters are adorned in lingerie with the occasional wardrobe malfunction and you have every mans viewing entertainment dream!"

Rick Hills and Saturday Night Pillow Fights Featured on The SOP Radio Network

How can you go wrong with scantily-clad hot women going at each other with the occasional wardrobe malfunction? The answer is: You can`t, you simply can`t.

The stars of the video are Alexis Capone, Babe Ruthless, Syster Syn, and Goddess Luna, my favorite is Babe Ruthless. I want to marry Babe and have six or seven children with her.

There are no underage females in "Saturday Night Pillow Fights", and none of them were drunk when they were cast. Pillow Fights ain`t no cinematic masterpiece, but it`s a decent alternative to GGW.

In the DVD case for "Saturday Night Pillow Fights"there`s this disclaimer: By purchasing this DVD you certify that you are a lonely pervert cuase we know you didn`t buy to watch the technical aspect of this production. I`m not a lonely pervert,  I didn`t buy the DVD (it was a gift), and the technical aspects are sub-par, but I still enjoyed it.

"Saturday Night Pillow Fights" isn`t as raunchy as it sounds, the wardrobe malfunctions sped by too quickly to see much of anything. In fact this video could pass for family entertainment, as long as your family ain`t the freakin` Brady Bunch.

If you are a scholar and a gentleman or a lonely pervert, I guarantee you will enjoy "Saturday Night Pillow Fights."

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Disclaimer....Saturday Night Pillow Fights is not affiiated, in any way, with WWF, UFC, or Girls Gone Wild