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Published:February 8th, 2012 16:55 EST

DVD Review Of 'In Time' Starring Justin Timberlake By Robert Paul Reyes

By Robert Paul Reyes

"In Time" is a science fiction thriller where humans have been bio-engineered to stop aging at age 25. After that people are allowed to continue living only by buying minutes and hours. Time can be added or deducted like currency through an embedded electronic timer. It`s a constant struggle to remain alive in the ghetto, people work hard in factories and other dead-end jobs, but they barely make enough time to keep their internal clocks from zeroing out and thus dying. Folks in the inner city are always in a rush, and they are always looking at the digital timer in their arms -- if the timer reaches zero it`s "game over." Very few citizens in the ghetto live more than a few years beyond 25. The poor treasure every minute, every meal, every pleasant experience, because they know that if they don`t conserve their time carefully, they may time out and die.


The wealthy live in a different "time zone", and they are practically immortal, living for hundreds of years. It`s a rigged system, they have plenty of time in their internal clocks, courtesy of the money (time) they make selling time to the poor at loan shark rates. This sounds like paradise, live forever without aging. The affluent have no need to rush, they have all time in the world. But after living for centuries without a care in the world, life becomes meaningless for some, and they commit suicide by intentionally speeding up their internal clock, zeroing out and dying.

Science fiction is the prefect genre for a director and cinematographer with intelligence and imagination, it allows them the opportunity to create a new world.

"In Time" is beautifully shot by cinematographer Roger Deakins in bleached-out colors evoking the prefect mood for a dsytopian future.

The writer-director Andrew Niccol keeps things moving at a face pace with shoot-outs and car chases, with rarely a pause for you to check your watch.

The director and the cinematographer have created an interesing world, time will fly as you watch this flick.

Justin Timberlake stars as a blue-collar guy in the ghetto, who is trying to bring down the unfair system, Vincent Kartheiser co-stars as one of the world`s oldest (i.e wealthiest men), and Amanda Seyfried is Justin`s love interest, and partner in crime.

Do Justin and Amanda succeed in their noble mission? Take a few minutes out of your busy life to watch the DVD and find out.

"In time" isn`t a masterpiece, but it`s an entertaining thriller that will make you think about the nature of time. We don`t live forever, and we haven`t figured out how to stop the aging process. We only have a few years to make an impact in the world, before we are too old to make a meaningful contribution.

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