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Published:February 9th, 2012 22:14 EST
Butt Week 2012: Do You Love Your Butt?

Butt Week 2012: Do You Love Your Butt?

By SOP newswire2

Do you love your butt? No, really, do you love your butt? Anthropologist and comedienne Natalia Reagan is currently asking YOU this question.  Why?  Well, she is behind a movement that aims to celebrate the sweet undulating hills and valleys of the human fanny.  And since March is colon and rectal cancer awareness month, it is the perfect time to celebrate, educate, and encourage colon health and cancer prevention. 


Therefore Butt Week will not just be about ogling beautiful babes in Butt Week bootie shorts. No, it will be much more that that. During this week, the evolution of the human colon will be investigated as well as how our current diet may be affecting cancer rates. According to the American Cancer Society, there will be roughly 143,460 new cases of colon and rectal cancer this coming year alone. Colonoscopies can catch abnormalities in the colon and in turn help detect cancer in its earliest stage. Early detection is key in the fight against colorectal cancer.  Yes, Butt Week will focus on this important crusade and get to the bottom of better colon care.


Additionally, as an anthropologist, Natalia is dedicated to informing the public about science and evolution of the present day bigger bootie found in humans (as compared to nonhuman primates, or monkeys and apes). And to keep Butt Week fun it will also have games and activities like, `Dance-your-bootie-off` dance off, pin the junk on the trunk, the Miss Gluteus Beauteous Pageant, and prostrate exams. Nah, just kidding "but there will be a prostate health booth!  Yes, you read that right! Further demonstrating that booty health will also be a large part of Butt Week.


The story behind Butt Week: In the great summer of 2011, NBC`s TODAY show aired a special about America`s breast obsession. Natalia Reagan was a guest panelist during the segment.  Three days later Stephen Colbert railed against the Peacock on the Colbert Report for neglecting America`s acute glute obsession and added that NBC stood for  `No Butt Coverage`.  He also demanded that the sweet apple bottoms of the world be celebrated once and for all during Butt Week.


Natalia, being a connoisseur of high and tight bottoms (as well as an owner of one herself), sent a re`butt`al asking Colbert to join forces for a week of  `bootie-ful` recognition. She also has faith that NBC does not stand for "No Butt Coverage`, but rather NBC was simply gearing up for "Nonstop Butt Coverage` during Butt Week 2012.  CBS is also taking part in March`s colon cancer awareness month with a brilliant and coveted NYC Colonoscopy Sweepstakes. So now Natalia is hopeful that CBS would also like to join in the Butt Week movement. Now with Butt Week #2: With Liberty and Just Ass for All completed, America is waiting with baited breath to see who will get behind Butt Week and answer the call of  `booty`.


About Natalia

Natalia Reagan is an anthropologist and comedienne. For her thesis fieldwork she conducted a survey of the critically endangered species, the Azuero spider monkey (Ateles geoffroyii azurensis)  in rural Panama.  As an actor and comedienne Natalia has appeared in `My Name is Earl` , `Better off Ted` , and `S[e]x Drive`.   Natalia`s goal is to meld her two passions and educate people about human behavior and morphology using humor, evolutionary biology, and nonhuman primates (monkeys and apes) as models. Humans are faced with serious environmental consequences (climate change, mass extinctions, super bugs) due to our irresponsible behavior, and she believes knowledge about our origins will help us find a way to live in harmony with nature.                               


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