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Published:February 9th, 2012 16:18 EST
Celebrities and Privacy . . . can the two co-exist?

Celebrities and Privacy . . . can the two co-exist?

By SOP newswire2



Whoa, look at that . . . another celebrity divorcing, or cheating, or secretly going to rehab. Those are the headlines that grab our attention whether standing in the checkout lane or reading the quick headlines on our favorite online sites. Sex, drugs and eating disorders fill the pages of celebrity magazines. What is our obsession with celebrities and their lives? Do we read this stuff because it makes us feel better about our own lives? Or are we so quick to judge celebrities because of their constant sharing on social media and their need to be spotted and in the public eye? Why do we follow them if not for idolation or to find out what they are doing throughout the day?  We`ve become so in tune with the lives of those that we admire in sports, politics and entertainment that we have forgotten one simple concept "boundaries. 


So here is the question "if you were on a job interview and the interviewer told you that if you accepted their offer, you would lose your privacy and that they will essentially know everything about your professional and private life at all times, would you take it? I can bet the answer is no because who would so willingly give up their privacy? Well, apparently the media and the average person feels that celebrities should. Are they really that different from us that their every action needs to be publicized and broadcasted? I definitely don`t think so but YOU can decide.


I am actually going to compare myself to Demi Moore . . .  crazy I know.


Here is my story: Five years ago I found out that the love of my life (at the time) was cheating on me. I was completely devastated and my world came crashing down because I wanted to be with this person forever and he did not feel the same way. I spent that entire summer crying, wondering what was wrong with me. I couldn`t focus on my business as I tried to recover from this heartache. I had very little interest in eating  because I was so sick to my stomach all the time that I just wasn`t hungry. I lost a ton of weight that summer because I felt depressed and basically spent an entire summer feeling sorry for myself. I`m sure we have all experienced this feeling of complete abandonment and loneliness but the reality is, I didn`t have TMZ, E!, Us Weekly, People, OK or Life "n Style reporting on every tear I shed or the weight I lost. Could you even imagine?


Now Demi Moore:


Married six years to the man of her dreams, she finds out that on their anniversary her husband cheated with some girl at a club. Devastated, dejected and totally consumed with an overwhelming feeling of no self-worth, Demi turns to narcotics and loses any desire for food. How different is her loss from mine? How does she deal with it? Perhaps like you would "losing yourself in destructive behavior because there must be something wrong with you if you`ve been cheated on and the entire world is privy to the wandering eye of the man you love and built your life with, right?


"Boundaries"we allow ourselves to build up walls to protect our feelings, our reputation and even sometimes our true emotions to keep these secret and safe from ridicule or teasing. We should in turn respect the boundaries of those in the limelight too "they should be able to rebuild in peace, to grieve without the world watching, to  restore mental health and physical well-being without the fear of exposure.



Amanda the bizgal is a national branding expert to celebrities and professional athletes, author of I am Not a Smartie-pants! a book launching in 2012, a regional TV career coach and branding expert and a blogger for the Huffington Post. She has been quoted in the LA Times, Yahoo Sports, US News and World Report, International Business Times: New York,, FOX Business News, The Hollywood Reporter, E! Online, Chicago Tribune and The Montreal Gazette. For more information about Amanda the bizgal please visit or follower her at @bizMebizgal