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Published:February 9th, 2012 10:23 EST
Twilight, No Place in the Hunger Games

Twilight, No Place in the Hunger Games

By Tony Graff

With Twilight, the fanged franchise, " on its last leg, crowds are already swarming movie theaters for the release of the first Hunger Games movie. Even a member of the cast of Twilight.

This past Superbowl Sunday, Kellan Lutz admitted that he loved the script of the Hunger Games and had asked to be a part of it. But he was turned down flat. He told a reporter that the powers that be " wouldn`t allow for any crossover between the two franchises. Twilight can`t seem to handle The New Twilight. "

While many fans of the Hunger Games are breathing a sigh of relief at this news, there are others, particularly from the fandom of Twilight, who think that some of the cast from Twilight could fit right in among the tributes fighting to the death.

The Hunger Games movie is already getting reviews that say it`s more romantic than Twilight, and more action packed than Percy Jackson. Many fans believe those reviews are inflating it bigger than it is because Breaking Dawn, Part II is already slated to come out the end of this year.

Will fans be able to make the seamless transition between vampires to tributes? Will Robert Pattinson fans become Josh Hutcherson fans? The month of April is going to be the great reveal on all counts. It looks like a great fight is coming.