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Published:February 10th, 2012 23:29 EST
Deadly Attacks in Somalia Prove Failed Policies From All Involved

Deadly Attacks in Somalia Prove Failed Policies From All Involved

By Harvey Carroll, Jr.

Deadly attacks in Somalia reflects failed policies from all involved, to include the United States

U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) (The premier United States Military presence in the region asked the following question).
This article says, "l-Shabab claims Mogadishu car bombing. What effect do you think this armed Islamist movement has on other African nations? What actions do you think the U.S. and the western world could take to help instill stability in the regions affected?

I think it is time to call "Al-Shabab" in for a meeting and discuss how Destructive Leadership is spreading and becoming more popular than that of Constructive Leadership." Ask them what is their agenda is? Ask if they really want to see destruction as opposed to construction.

Once you get a few No`s; from the direct questions; then ask the simple questions. Ask if Al-Shabab " and other Islamist Agenda`s is not basically the same as the United States and that of the Western World to improve the economic and social conditions of Somalia? I think you will get a Yes to that question and that will be good, as real changes will begin to occur once people realize that we all have Somalia`s best interest at heart, but also look for strategic national security presence to protect the shipping lanes. Since we are there we can work together to make the region/Africa a much better place for it citizens and families.

The simple recognition of Basic Human Rights. Citizen Involvement in improving communities, cities, and their nations will go a long way. As we all have ultimately the same goals and objectives for Somalia; however, we have all made mistakes.

We have to recognize our faults as well. We can start by recognizing the silliness of Black Hawk Down, which converted a Missionary Missions into Military Mission, did little to help Somalia. Such operations would not have a place under new agreements with Al-Shabab`s call for a non-violence policy.

Having been the guy that suggested the "Missionary Mission" to Somalia I am still shocked at how it got converted into a Military Mission "that cost so many lives." Such operations have done little to build new and more constructive relations with Somalia? I discussed a bit of my thoughts on how to improve AFRICOM relations and how to assist in the development of Africa via AFRICOM`s question the other day.

Using those thoughts when Al-Shabab comes to the discussion table AFRICOM can discuss how working together to make a better Somalia is in the best interest of all involved and especially for the Somalian people.

Al-Shabab" and others must bring their young men and women to the table to learn new trades and citizen involvement via "Professional Public Administrators". They must denounce violence and turn their Leadership skills that are so charismatic that young people will strap a bomb to themselves, or drive a suicide car bomb into a crowd of innocent people into something much more constructive for Somalia.

Al-Shabab`s leadership can, and should be converted into something constructive for society. The United States State Department and AFRICOM has a huge role to play via the use of "Diplomatic" means. They have to be willing to invite groups to a secure table to recognize that everyone is fighting for the same thing (bettering Somalia). Once people recognize that, then such craziness will stop.

This craziness and destructiveness has been from both sides I might add " "Black Hawk Down" and the conversion from a Missionary Mission to a Military Mission was just as ludicrous, and also sent young men on a gung ho "suicide mission." I think anyone looking back and/or watching the Black Hawk Down move would certainly concluded that the operation was poorly planned and downright idiotic, and really did little to make real change for Somalia High School Future Farmers of America could have had a more profound effect on coming up with ways to feed the people in Somalia than a host of Generals and troops on the ground " This gung-ho attitude has to have some commonsense behind it.

Therefore, now that we all recognize faults and that we all have been trying to do well, but have resorted to silly and destructive means. Then we might be able to really find a way to deal with the real problems at hand.  Here is a draft Comprehensive Plan/United Nations Global Reform Mandate.

I promise if you try to bring more citizen involvement, to discuss real problems facing Somalia and not BS. It is time to discuss real growth, development and security concepts to improve Somali lives. More and more will recognize that the U.S. is there to do some good as opposed to conflict. Yes, there will always be the need for security, but that security has to be constructive in nature and it should create growth and development in the region that would justify its existence. 

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