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Published:February 10th, 2012 12:20 EST

Madonna Fans Want PM To Delay Attacking Iran Until After Madonna Concert!

By Robert Paul Reyes

In a newly created Facebook page Israelis are urging Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to postpone plans to strike Iran nuclear facilities.

Citizens of Israel live and breath politics, there must be a practical, geopolitical and nuanced reasons why they are pleading with the Prime Minister not to attack Iran anytime soon.


Maybe they believe sanctions haven`t been given time to work, or perhaps they reason that attacking Iran`s nuclear installations would be an exercise in futility, because it would only set back Iran`s nuclear weapons program for one year at the most.

The motivation behind the new Facebook page is bizarre, and doesn`t speak to well of of the Israelis:

"In a newly launched Facebook page, Israeli fans of U.S. pop megastar Madonna are pleading Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to hold off any such plans to strike Iran until the Queen of Pop`s planned show in Tel Aviv on May 29.

The group, simply and directly enough, is named: `Bibi don`t start a war with Iran until after Madonna`s show on May 29.`"

In the face of an altercation between Israel and Iran that may lead to a region-wide war, some Madonna fans in Israel are afraid it may mean that the Madonna concert in postponed or canceled.

Madonna is a pop icon, and girlfriend rocks, but how about a little perspective?

I`m speechless, what are your thoughts?

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